Love is our new reality

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Ohmnipure via Nancy Tate, July 18th

Wake up Call: Ohmnipure, July 18, 2016

I am here this morning to give you a piece of information that is long lasting, while at the same time instantly appreciated. It is some news that hits the headlines and is not represented as it is originally created. What I have to tell you is that there is coming a new awakening for many people who today do not understand why they are feeling as they do in the past few days, and yet are in an expression of interest as to what is not in their agenda at this time.  

I am Ohmnipure once again, and I would like to explain why I have been speaking through this one as of late. She is the heritage keeper of me, and it all began with the creation of the universe. I am a Mushaba being and I was in the group of Mushaba beings who came to this new universe to carry out the destined expression of what has been taking place since life began in this universe. There will be more on that in the times to come, so for now I will bring you the news of the day.

There is coming an item that will tell people that the universe is taking a bow to all of life in a way that is promising to all in existence. As this happens it will be told to the people here on this planet there is a coming disaster and that there will be many ways in which the earth will be affected. I will not give you any more details except to let you know that it will not be as will be reported, because the Creator is behind all that is taking place in the experiences to come. There will be an upliftment of this whole universe, and it will mean that each element of it will be continuing to undergo changes that will bring the whole of existence into harmony.

It will be as if a new delegate on earth is in power. That will mean that not only will there be one person who will give the orders, but each person on earth will be in a position where they recognize that the speaker for them is but a part of the harmony in which we open up more and more to what we all have stored in our mindset, as well as in our existence as a living being of this universe. As we see this in our everyday lives we will come to more understanding of what we are expressing. Yes, I say we, for we are all one, as we realize. 

We will all see the truth as we progress to the place where our lives will be at peace and we will be expressing our love to all of existence. We will be able to go forth and create in that energy. It will be in joy as we, step by step, create a new way of expressing that which we see is in harmony and at the same time the individual expression that we each create in our own way of being.

It is a wondrous thing that we are headed for. For the time being we are preparing ourselves for that experience. We are at the venue where we are beginning to expose the truth of so many assets that are to come our way. First the barriers to the freedom of those assets must be completely removed. That is in the progress that represents the completeness of the freedom that we will have. Yes, that is what all that has been taking place recently is all about. Look at the disarray that has been with you all lately, and realize that it is the storm before the calm of the expression of living that represents what we all have within us to create that which we desire for a peaceful, joyous life in harmony of Love forevermore.

I will sit back now and see you all in the purity of the opening to your true selves. I look forward to dancing and singing with you all in the days to come. I love you all dearly, and we are one in the same, created in Love.

Thank you so much dear Ohmnipure,

Much Love, Nancy Tate