Love is our new reality

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Ohmnipure via Nancy Tate, June 26th


Wake up Call: Ohmnipure, June 26, 2016


I am visiting you all this morning to bring you some news that will answer some of the questions that have been present for the past several weeks. They are part of what is taking place in the background and beginning to come forward to the public at this time. I am Ohmnipure and I am coming to you through this one once again to bring to you vital information that can stir your inner world to an understanding for your outer world, and why you are in the place that you are now residing. I speak of residing now in relation to how much you remember about who you are on a soul level, and also how you came to live in the physical place where you now reside.

It is a matter of seeing why you are undergoing the changes in your lives and how it will bring about the way of living that is ready for you to claim as your new reality. It is an ongoing path that you are walking, and as it continues to open doors as you close the old ones, you will realize why there have been delays in so many aspects of the new world. You will appreciate why the delays have come, and what they are accomplishing in their energy of change. You will see what they are doing for your own particular lifestreams. Also, you’ll see why they are also serving the ones who are not yet open to the truth of who they are, and why they are serving their parts, even without knowing the truth of the validity of what they are experiencing.

I am speaking now of the monies that are in storage all over the globe, and why they are not distributed as yet. Can you imagine giving all of your fortune to your children who are but teenagers in the progress of their lives? How would that keep the levity of what they choose to do with the monies in an aspect of distributing the money in a way that would not only benefit them, but others as well? Give some thought to what that would entail, and then think of how it relates to so many of you who aware of the funds that are coming, and what you would do with them. How used to having so much more money in your lives are you, and what would happen that would inspire you to use them today? Would you make the most of how to help yourself first, and then be able to have enough to share with others in the way of bringing about a sense of helping humanity? Think of ways of responding to those who have been put on the shelf and have not been taken care of, in a way that is degrading to them by those who are in a position of thinking only of themselves, and how they can take power away from those who are, as they may regard them, less than them.

This is what is changing now my dear ones. There are so many of you loving beings who are beginning to feel the power you have in a way that is new to you. Do you know how to utilize that power and still be loving and free in a way that supports yourself and then others as well? This is what you are capable of doing, dear ones. You are ready in many instances to be able to use the funds in a way that speaks to those who have chosen for so long to overpower all of those who do not choose to run in their energy of creating only for themselves. This is what the group you know as the cabal/illuminati have been doing. They do not even realize that they have been living the fear, and denying the love energy that can bring them the freedom to be at ease and not have to push against the ones who live in Love. They are in the process of discovering that the power they thought they had is being taken away from them as they slide into the mud puddles that they have created in their lives. This is the essence of the Love of everyone who is taking the time needed to bring about a desire to help mankind after making sure that their lives are secure in the comfort that they know will bring them the power to send forth what can help others to the same place within themselves. They realize that first it is a matter of clearing away the debris within, that clouds the truth of what they are capable of doing without an overload of funds.  

This many seem like a deterrent to the funds that are being freed up for everyone, however it is one of the steps that must be taken in the treasure chest that is in the process of being freed from it’s locks. It is being done, and the power is being felt by so many in ways that are incredible for the ongoing pathway to the freedom of life on earth. As the final steps are taken, it will be obvious to those of you who have been watching the progress, why the delays have been in the progress of the distribution. It will speak so clearly of why they are still not free for all of those who feel they are ready. You will see why the delays, and that will ease you in the readiness that brings about the freedom of Love and patience that works in a wonderfully powerful way.

 I have brought this to you today in order for you to see that you are living in a step of the progress of ascension that you are creating in a way that is beneficial to all of life. As you make the steps that benefit you and bring Peace, Joy and Love into your every moment you will see why life is in the progress it is, and how you can continue to bring the freedom forward in a way that is wonderful and beneficial to all of life on earth and the whole universe. I salute you all, and I leave this message now with the total love of the Essence of Mushaba, that is within each anOd every one of you. Love is all there is; everything else is in part and parcel of the expression of Love.


Thank you dear Ohmnipure,

Much Love, Nancy Tate



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