Love is our new reality

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Ohmnipure via Nancy Tate, May 25th

Wake up Call: Ohmnipure, May 25, 2016


I am here today to tell you of a shift that is in the works as I speak. It is one that will bring so many of you to your knees, so to speak, and that will break the energy of fear into tiny pieces to be tossed into the Light and transformed into the Love Essence of Mushaba, and all of the other energies of transformation that have been created in the beginning of existence.

I am Ohmnipure, and I am another Mushaba being who is making itself known to all of you. With the beginnings of the Essence of Mushaba, it was the understanding of all of existence that there would be an opening of the Light and Love that was in peril on earth at this time, and that the opening would bring the truth forth in so many that it would be impossible to withhold all of the strength that can and will bring the truth to the people of this planet and beyond.

It is now in the presence of so many as to what has been going on for so long, and it is coming out to the public in a way that cannot be denied. It will bring the ones who have been misrepresenting themselves as ‘for the people’, when in reality they have been only for themselves and the others who have been operating through all of the essences of fear that has built a wave of darkness that is now falling apart.

There is so much that will be revealed to the people about how they have been manipulated and coerced into believing so much that goes against who they truly are, and how they can live in the freedom of who they are within. The facets of the duality of this planet are coming forth in many ways. It is up to you all to be able to listen and watch as the pieces of the puzzle are exposed, and what will come from the freedom in which you will all be living in the coming short period of time.

Think of time as the essence of how you can express yourself in a way that is disturbing, and then think of it in a way that can be resonating with everyone as the truth that they have felt and seen within. That is what is coming dear ones. Rather than listening to, and believing what others tell you, even though you have the feeling of reserve to the news. Take the opportunity to go within and then express what you know to be the truth.  Walk in the power that you have to live that truth, for it is what you know is the way to show the truth of The Creator within you.

As the pieces of the puzzle gather round all of you, it will be obvious what you can do to put them all together and live your lives together as one in harmony with all of creation. It will be a new beginning as soon as you see what it is like to walk in your own power of Love and to be that power in every step. You are only beginning that journey of truth in a way that you had thought that you were. You’re bound to see it as different in these times that are with you now.

Go now into your day and see the colors of the rainbow in everything around you. See the beauty of what is before you and take the steps you feel to take to express your Love for all of mankind. It is the most powerful way that you can walk in and create that which you desire and intend for yourselves and all of life on this planet and beyond. It is a treasure of newness that is in the works, and you are the ones who have agreed to this new way of living it.

I commend you for what you have done so far in this new way of expressing yourselves. I know that you will continue to do so as the pieces fall into place and the picture begins to make sense for you. Remember that you have the power of Love, and there is nothing that can overcome that when expressed in the purity of the knowing that you are all one, and that you are the creator of your life in every way.

I send Love to you in every moment and I feel your Love in return. All is coming into harmony, and Peace, Joy and Love is in the seed of it.

Thank you dear Ohmnipure

Much Love, Nancy Tate