Love is our new reality

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Ohmnipure via Nancy Tate, September 7th


Wake up Call: Ohmnipure, Sept 07, 2016

There is something coming for all of humanity, and it is waiting in the wings, in a certain respect. It is not only the funds that are being talked about around the globe, but it is as well what will be done with them as they come into the hands and the people begin to explore what they will do with them.

I am Ohmnipure, and I am here to say that there are many people who already have their destinations for the wealth to go into place and begin the means by which the first stages of the reversal of the way things are around the globe come into order. As this begins, it will be obvious to many people that the designation of the energy of exchange will show them how in the reversal it is imperative that the energy of Love be the beginning factor for the distribution of the funds to the various places and causes that are being instrumented as I speak.

Yes, there are already many causes that are being addressed, and that will be covered in order to help bring the sovereignty back to the people. It is a distinct way that the order of the people will be not only discovered but honored as well. As the pieces are put into place for the people to begin to not only remember what it means to be in power, they will also see why it is so important to keep their own lives in power in order to not allow any others who exhibit lower energies to interfere. Know that you can trust your inner voice and see that what you do matches that which is taking place in ways that feel in harmony with the idea of bringing the harmony back to the people. 

You individually are the people; you are the Oneness that is able to bring back the power to the life that is taking place all over the land. See that power in action as the symbol that even without the money in your hands it is possible to bring that power into action. Know that with the Love and the peace, coupled with the joy of life, you can bring about the heaven on earth that you have dreamed about and talked about with your friends and family. It is something that in your life shows that you are part of the whole regime that is in place now. When you see who you feel are the appropriate ones to speak and move for you, then you will know that your energy of seeing that harmonious balance on earth is in action. That is the voice of the Mushaba energy coming forth in all of you. 

Yes, my dear ones; I realize that many of you have not been reminded as yet of the fact that you have and are living the Love Essence of Mushaba that is within you. It has always been within you from the moment of your creation. It is what has brought to you, throughout your existence, the actions and thoughts that you have experienced throughout your expressions in this universe. It is what is helping to guide you through every movement that you have made and continue to in this experience. As you go forth from this moment on, you will see the power you have within to build a trueness of the Love that you are. I see it in all of you, even in those who have forgotten what it means to express that Love within. It has more power than the idea that you are stronger, or better than any other person. Once again, it is a matter of expression as to the world you create and what the power of that expression represents.

I go now in Love and harmony in this world of peacefulness and joyful living. I see you all moving forward in the expression of who you are and your being true to yourselves as to how to move forward in these next experiences in your lives. You are the masters of your life, and I see you all expressing in the energy of Love and moving it together in harmony forevermore.

Thank you dear, Loving Ohmnipure,

Much Love, Nancy Tate