Love is our new reality

One Who Serves via James McConnell, December 2nd, 2018


Om, mani padme, hum;  om, mani padme, hum, hum, hum.

Greetings to you.  One Who Serves here with you, and Shoshanna standing by, we believe, here.  We are ready for question and answer here.

But before we do, we just have something we wish to add here.  Those of you, the Lightworkers, the –worriers, the ones that are making all of this happen, and we say that because YOU are the ones that are doing this—we are not doing it.  We have already been there, done that, and we are ready to move on ourselves.  If you understand what that means.  You are attempting more and more to escape this three-dimensional illusion and move into the higher vibrations.  Well, we have already been in those higher vibrations, and we want to go higher.  So, in order to do that, you need to become released yourselves, or release yourselves here.  And once you have released yourselves, and you have become the mentors that you are destined to be, then we can release ourselves as well.  And everybody is rubbing everybody’s back here, okay?  You see how this works?  We are helping you, you are helping us?  Everybody is helping everybody, and that is where you are headed here.  You hear of those things called Service to Self and Service to Others?  Well, you are on the verge of moving toward the Service to Others, here.  And that is what Oneness is all about:  becoming the One, being the One.  And you are ALL the one.  Okay?   You have questions here for One Who Serves and Shoshanna?

Zoe:   Thank you very much.  Thank you, One Who Serves.  Thank you, Sananda.   Your message is so much appreciated, and your support in helping us understand where we are going and your confirmation that what we are doing is supporting the raising of frequency and preparing, and compression breakthrough.   So, let’s see if these questions can get us over  there too, here.

Questions and Answers with One Who Serves:

Zoe:   So, I understand there is an emailed question inhouse.  Do you want to start with that?

JoAnna:   Yes, I will go ahead and read it, Zoe.

Guest:  Can you tell us more about the artificial intelligence or earth known as “Tyler,”
its origins, and how and where it is currently operating and influencing?

OWS:  What we can tell you is that there is an artificial intelligence.  There has been one for a very long time, you call it A.I.  And it has been operating for some time under the auspices of the dark forces of the cabal and all of this.  They have had access to this for quite a while now, many, many lifetimes even many thousands of years they have been working with this.

But, (and we do say a big but here), they have lost their influence with this.  They no longer have access to this.  And this is why the changes that are happening now, they are not able to foresee them anymore.  They could do this before.  They could see things happen before they happened and were able to then do what was necessary to be able to hold off what the forces of light were attempting to do.  But because they have lost access to this now, they can no longer do that, and they cannot keep up with the forces of light.  We speak of the Alliance, we speak of the light resistance group, all of this, and all of the Galactics that are working with this, the Agarthans, the Ascended Masters, all that are working together to bring the light here to the planet.

And the Artificial Intelligence (we will not use a name for it, or there are many different names that have been used over the times for a long time now), but it is in the influence now of those forces of the light, and it can no longer be used for negative purposes, but can now be used for the positive purposes, the positive purposes, of course, being of the light.  Okay?

 JoAnna:   Thank you.   The next question is from the same person.  I have two ex-friends who introduced me to plant medicine nearly four years ago.  I say “ex” because I discovered over time that both of them have Drako entities controlling them.  One of them is now acting as a channel, stating he is channeling Archangel Rachael, amongst others, and conducting supposed healing sessions.  When will it be that the Drako will finally be stopped from doing this kind of activity, and what would you do if you were me, knowing what I know, and watching people get tricked by him?

OWS:   We can tell you all that they are already being stopped from this.  Much of this influence that they have had over the past has been curtailed, has been diminished, and is continuing to be so.  There are many that are working to bring this about, to bring those of the dark into the light if possible if they will allow for themselves to come back to the light.  But if not, then they are being systematically taken off of the planet, here, in whatever way that is necessary to do this.  But know this:  they are being taken off.  It may seem like it is a very slow process, but there are many that are being taken out of the picture, you might say, that is still behind the scenes that you don’t know of yet.

You are waiting for the big ones:  the ones with the big names and all of this  that you are familiar with.  And when that happens, you will know in that moment that all of this that has been said up until now is indeed accurate, that the changes are happening.  They are happening in the background still.  But it is all coming to a crescendo very soon, here.  That is all we can tell you any more on this.

JoAnna:   Ok, thank you.

Zoe:   All right.  Let’s move to the phones.  Our first question:

Guest:   Hello, hello.  I am going to ask the obvious question that is probably on everyone’s mind, and that is, what is the actuality of what has happened with George Bush in terms of his supposed death, and also, how is it forwarding our action, how it is related to our action, if it is related to the action of the Lightworkers and what we are looking to accomplish here?

OWS:   We often do not speak in terms of particular names, but since you have brought this one up, this one has been released, here.  He has left the planet in the way that he did, and he is no longer an influence.  Now please understand, though, that  even though this one has committed great atrocities here on the planet, he is still of the light.  Now that is difficult to understand.  But he came from the light, and he will return to the light.  And as Sananda has said several times here, as we find it, those who will not return to the light, shall be consumed by the light.  And at this point, he is being consumed by the light.  That is all we can say at this point.

Shoshanna  (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell):   So Dear Sister, part of your question, as I understood it, was how this would affect the Lightworkers.  In all action, in all lives, in all experiences, there is what is known as the trickle-down theory known to human beings.  That one that you speak of was a great influence to the darkness on this planet, was a great influence, and the idea that that influence is no longer influencing those that he influenced is a great opening for Lightworkers.  Those that were influenced by the darkness, by the darkness of this one entity and the atrocities, etc. that were committed by him, that is released now.  That is no longer in the experience of the planet, which allows for light to enter those areas.  If that is appropriate for your question.

Guest:   Yes, I guess I was most interested to know is it forwarding the action, it is something that was really meant to forward the action, and it sounds like it is.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:  Absolutely.  Because of the light that can be shown in the corners of darkness that this one influenced.

Guest:   Awesome.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:   Namaste, Dear Sister.

OWS:    Very good.  Next question?

Zoe:   Gosh, that was an OMG moment!  Thanks for that, I really appreciate it.

Next  Guest:   Hi One Who Serves.   I was just wondering if the recent earthquake in Alaska was a directed energy weapons attack on Anna Maria Riezinger (whose pen name is Anna von Reitz), or if it was a natural occurrence.

OWS:   That as we find it was more of a natural occurrence as opposed to some of those things which have been happening in your California and Florida, and other areas as well.  And as was mentioned previously in another time here, there are going to be some more of these experiences, whether it be fire, volcanoes, earthquakes, all of these kinds of things.

But always know that when these things happen, even if they are generated by those of the dark forces in some way, or added to by those forces, they are still in the long run, you might say, in the bigger picture, they are doing much to purge the system, purge the earth, you might say, of these dark forces.  It is opening fissures, you could say, in terms of an earthquake, to allow for the energies to escape, and for the energies to be released, here, those dark force energies to be released.  This is what is happening as the earth is continuing to purge herself in many different ways.

But always understand it is consciousness that creates all of these events.  Even if it is a seeming natural event, it is happening because of consciousness and lack of higher consciousness, here.  So if there were nothing but higher consciousness here, nothing but love here on the planet, there would be no earthquakes, there would be no volcanoes, there would be no wild fires, none of these things would happen, hurricanes.  All of this would be curtailed completely.  So consciousness is what drives all of this, whether it is added to by the dark forces or whether it is simply a seeming act of nature.  Okay?

Guest:   Well, that is good to hear.   I am asking it because I am just very concerned about attacks against, and that because I think very highly of her, and I guess I just want to make sure that she is well protected.  But I do know that we have made significant progress against the dark who are attacking her.  But anyway, I just hope that she is well protected, that’s all.

OWS:   Very good.  Are there any other questions, here?

ZOE:   Yes.  Thank you.

Guest:   Hello One Who Serves and Shoshanna.  I have a question.  I guess it is more of a personal question, but I hope you can help me with that.  I was recently in my hot tub here and had been doing the Violet Flame salutation for lack of a better word, here, and my arms just wanted to go up, like in a cactus position, with hands out, and my right leg went almost into a dance position.  Nothing came through.  It was just these movements that my body wanted to make.  The next day in my meditation I heard the work “Shiva” again and again.  Nothing else came through, it just kept saying “Shiva.”  I am not that good yet in hearing or seeing things, but definitely heard that.  I thought it might be related to the movements in the water.  I feel like I am joining my two mermaid sisters here! in my hot tub.  But can you tell me anything about that.  I remember vaguely that Shiva had come up for me in the past once, I don’t remember where.  But what do I do with this?  I don’t know how to relate to it.  Any suggestions?

Shoshanna:    Shoshanna wishes to share with you, Dear Sister.  The movements of your body were celebratory.  You were in celebration of higher vibration that was entering your body.  When one uplifts their arms, it is in celebration.  It is in great homage to the light.  When one moves their feet as you call it “in a dance position,” it is joyful.  Dance is joyful.  Arms raising is celebratory.  The one goddess known as Shiva is speaking to you.  Your body is moving as Shiva would move.   That is the connection.  Your body is moving as Shiva would move and celebrate the light and the life.  You are connected to this one, and you may call on this one, as this one is entering your consciousness as part of your guidance system.  That is it.

Guest:  Wonderful.  Thank you.  I appreciate that.

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

Guest:  Namaste.

OWS:   Wonderful.  Are there any other questions?

Zoe:   Yes please.  Thank you, and thank you, that was lovely.

Guest:   Hello Zoe, One Who Serves, and Shoshanna.  I have a question.  It is quite a simple question, but I would like your input.  I notice that I channel things, like I can channel people from other side, and I started receiving messages from the Galactics also.  My question is, how can I enhance that?  Any suggestion?

OWS:   Yes, you can enhance this always by believing that it is real.  If you come to communication such as this, and it you begin to wonder where is this coming from, is it my imagination, or is it real,  is something coming from outside of myself or within myself—when you begin to question all of that (and all of you do question  that, even this one that we speak through has questioned this many times as it has come through), so always remember that as this information comes through and this communication is opened more and more to you, the more that you let it be, give into it, you might say, and let it happen, and believe that it is real, doesn’t matter who it is coming from, it only matters that the message is received.  The message is what is important, here, not who it is coming from.  Okay?  That is what we would say to you, to allow for it and believe it is coming in terms of being somewhat reality to you.  Okay?  Anything to add, Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   Shoshanna completely agrees with One Who Serves, completely.  The word that comes to mine in t his one is “resistance.”  What you are summing up by the advice you are giving this one is that she is still in resistance fully to the message.  When the resistance is let go, the message comes through more fully.

OWS:  That is correct.

Guest:  Actually, I am not in resistance.  I have been having that coming for years, different messages, but the only thing, the people I was telling were not believing me.  But I don’t feel resistance.  I was just asking maybe something else I need to do to open more channel, that’s all.  But I believe the messages come through, I do.

OWS:  You need not worry about what other people think.

Shoshanna:  That is the resistance.

OWS:  That is the resistance that Shoshanna is speaking about here.  Do not be concerned about what others think, only about how it is for you.  And if it is meant for those others to hear or to resonate to, then they will.  If not, then they will not.  It is that simple.

Guest:   Okay.  Namaste.  Thank you, Shoshanna.  Love you both.  Thank you Zoe, I love you too.

Zoe:    We had another question pop up.

Guest:    Hi.  I have a question.  This happened about six years ago.  It was near Christmastime.  We were doing Christmas shopping.  We were in our car.  My former wife was driving.  I was in the passenger seat and my son was in the back.  A car pulled up next to us. We were in the turn lane.  Traffic was really, really heavy.  I sensed the time completely stopping.  It completely stopped.  The traffic was halted basically.  I knew what was going on.  This car pulled up.  It had all these decals and stickers all over it.  It was bizarre.  It had Shalom and Peace things all over it.  It seemed like an etheric type vehicle to me.  The person inside looked like Jeshua to me.  It looked like either Jeshua or an angel, a light being.  The light being started speaking and yelling at my former wife in Aramaic.  It almost sounded like a combination of Aramaic and Spanish.  It railed on her.  I seemed to know what was going on.  I know why.  But I couldn’t understand Aramaic.  I was wondering who it was and what the message was to her.  She thought it was a crazy person.  I knew better.  Can you enlighten me, One Who Serves, or Shoshanna.

OWS:  What we can tell you is that it was not a crazy person.  We can tell you that there are indications at times when these types of situations occur where there is a stoppage of time or a seeming stoppage of time, and something can  happen or something can be kept from happening, in terms of such as an accident or something this nature where time can literally stop, and there can be an influence that comes at that moment that can keep that particular accident from happening.  We speak in terms of literally you can come to an intersection where there is what you call a red light, and you would come to that intersection and you would be stopped, not stop, but be stopped by those of your guidance to allow for another car that is coming into the intersection, through it, with you not being in an accident, with you not hitting it, you see?  Or it can be the opposite—it can be you coming into the intersection and one minute you are there on one side, and the next minute you are on the other side of hit, and literally may have passed through the other car without actually even touching it at a physical level, you see?  These things are not only possible, but happen quite frequently.  It is just that many people do not share about this when it does happen.

But for your particular situation, it did happen.  It was not a crazy person.  We will not say it was anything of a positive nature that was in that car in terms of there would be no angelic figure, or no Jeshua, or anything that would, as you used the term, “rail,” on someone, they would not do that.  So it was more of a negative aspect, as we are finding it here.  But there was certainly an occurrence.  That is all that we can say here on that.

Shoshanna:  Shoshanna wishes to share.

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:  Yes, Shoshanna.

 Shoshanna:  Hi Dear Brother.  You and this former one, this former wife, had many difficulties communicating.  You could not talk with her.  She could not talk with you.   There was a constant conflict of communication in this experience that you had with this former one.  As a result, your consciousness projected a being that attempted to communicate with her, and your  experience of communicating with this one over time was garbled.  And this one that you projected into was also garbled.

The advice that Shoshanna would give you is that you must let go of attempting to communicate with any being that cannot accept what you are saying, because it is as if you are hitting your head against the wall.  Does this make sense?

Guest:   Total sense.  I completely stopped communicating with that person because of that.

Shoshanna:   And that is why the one that drove up into the car  could not communicate with her either.

Guest:  Wow.  Bizarre.

Shoshanna:  Well, it is not bizarre.  It is exactly as it should have been.  And your lesson is deeper.  You must get the lesson, here, my Brother.  That is what we have.

OWS:   Now you know how we feel at times when we are feeling like we are knocking our heads against the wall trying to communicate, trying to bring information to you, knowledge to you, and we feel at times it seems to fall on deaf ears.  But we know it doesn’t because even if you do not hear it at the level that it is coming, you are hearing it or experiencing it in a knowing fashion deep within you.  So always the communicating is getting through in way or another.  And that is why we continue to do what we do to continue to assist you, and guide you, and nudge you along as much as we possibly can.  Okay?

Guest:   Ok, thank you, both of you, thank you very much.

Shoshanna:   Much love to you, my Brother.

Guest:  And to you, Sister.  Thank you.

OWS:  Very good.  Are there any other questions here, before we release channel?

Zoe:   Yes, so far we have one left.

OWS:  Then we will take one more and then we will release.

Zoe:  Is this Illinois?

Guest:  Yes it is.  Hello.   Hello One Who Serves and Shoshanna.  I have a question.  I know the chem-trail programs are going to end if we move into this higher frequency.  Until it does, they were hitting the Mid-West pretty hard this last week.  I feel like when that happens, I am guided to, I have a large rod of Selenite and I go out and call on my I AM Presence and Thoth and ______.  And I take, with my sacred breath, I take my Selenite and I trace the lines and I call for it to be neutralized and to erase the miscreations.  I don’t know if this is just wishful thinking, if it is actually helping, or ?  If you can comment on that.

OWS:  We can.  We will say one thing, and then you, Shoshanna, certainly.  What we always say is believing is seeing, you see?  So if you believe that you are having an effect on what you are doing, then you are having an effect on what you are doing.  That is the power that you have within you.  The power to create.  The power to change whatever it might be there that you need to change.  In this case,  you are talking about the chem-trails.  And when you have the intention and the belief that you are making a change there, then you certainly are.  Okay?

Guest:   Ok.

Shoshanna:   My Dear Sister, you are powerful.  We have been told, the humans have been told, that they are powerless.  This is a program that is insidious and deep within the minds and heart of the human beings.  When you take your crystals, speak to Thoth, speak to  those that seem to be above you, you are equal to them.  You are using your power to overcome the craziness of the humans that are spraying these trails.  You are cleaning them up.  You must understand you are called to do this.  You see, without the chem-trails, you would not discover the magic within you.  It is a symbiotic relationship to call you into your power.  You are powerful and you are recalling those things that you did in other lifetimes to create things that humans could not create.  If I am making sense, this you have been called to do, and you must not question it.

Guest:   Thank you.  I guess I just needed to not question it.  Thank you so much.

Shoshanna:   Yes.  Namaste, Dear Sister.

Guest:  Namaste.  Thank you, thank you, Dear.

OWS:  We are at the point here where we are ready to release channel.

But before we do, we are very much, when we say we, we are speaking of One Who Serves, all of us, as well as all the rest of the gang, you might say, the Ascended Masters, the Galactics, the Agarthans, all, many will be with you at your Advance.  Because this particular Advance is like no other Advance you have had yet.  We are hearing James screaming in the background now saying, “what are you saying, here!  What are you creating!  What expectations are you making here?”  And we are letting you know, and we want you to have high expectations for this.

Because if you have high expectations, then your intention will be even higher, and will lead you into higher vibrations during the time you are there.  And that is what this is all meant to be.  This is why we have for some time, here, continued to built up the various changes that are coming to you, even though you are not seeing them directly, we have been building up the intention and the expectation that they are coming.  Because if you have the expectation, and more and more of you have that across the planet, then you are raising the vibrations by being within that intention and expectation, you see?

As Shoshanna said so eloquently, “a symbiotic relationship, here.”

All is happening for the greater plan that is in the works.  And all of you are a great part of that greater plan.

We release channel now.

Shanti.   Peace be with you.  Be the one.


Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”