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One Who Serves via James McConnell, November 25th, 2018

ONE WHO SERVES  (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani padme, hum; om, mani padme, hum; hum, hum.

Greetings to you.   One who serves here with you.  You can now unmute your phones and we can have a dialog here.

We do not necessarily have message here, but are there any questions that you have for One Who Serves?  Is Shoshanna standing by?

Shoshanna:  (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell)   Yes.  I am here.

Are there questions for us here?  Any questions?  No?  Then this will be a very short call, here.

Guest:   One Who Serves, I have an affirmation.  This is both to you and Shoshanna.  I want to thank you for shedding light on that portal situation.  I closed that portal immediately after I got off the call, and had the support of one of the Ancient Awakenings family in that closing and it made all the difference.   It made all the difference in my life and everything.  There was a slight jar a few days later.  I realized it was a jar and I took care of it immediately and closed that thing and tightened it up and sealed it with more light and with additional lappings of Archangel Michael’s  blue ray and St. Germain’s  ray, and also Source light.  I want to thank you.  And, if there is any other advice that you could give me that I need?  If not, thank you.  Much love to both you and Shoshanna.  Thank you.

OWS:  What we can tell you is you are doing exactly as Ashtar has just said here in terms of a single thought can bring you out of whatever it is that might be holding you back and keeping you in the lower vibrations at the time.  In your particular case, your thoughts, your visualization closed the portal as you are saying here.  And that is all it takes.  That is all.  The times where it would be a long involved process because you were so enmeshed in the matrix, you might say, and the illusionary programming as past.  You are not in that any longer.   Those of you can realize now more and more that it can be an instant switch for you,  That is what we want you to know.  It does not take a great deal of energy, a great deal of thought, a great deal of visualization.  It just simply takes you doing it.  And once you do it, because you have learned to work with these energies more and more here now, or we would say even more relearned how to work with these energies, you are able to more quickly manifest what it is that you want in your life.

And with that understanding, know that because of this more instantaneous manifestation capability that you have now, that buffer zone that up until now protected you in many cases, has now been lessened much, much more so that your manifestations will happen much, much quicker than they have in the past.  Many of you are beginning to notice this already, and you will continue to notice this even more and more as your visualizations, your imagination becomes even more and more powerful.  And that is just the beginning of what is coming for you.  Okay?

Guest:   Yes, thank you.   And thank you for your mentorship and support along the way.

Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share.

OWS:   Yes, Shoshanna wishes to add something here..

Shoshanna:    Shoshanna wishes to share with you.   Through the acknowledgement of your own power, through the continued acknowledgement from you yourself to yourself that you are the powerful creator being that walks the planet with all the other selves, you must acknowledge and realize in each moment of your life that it is only you creating your circumstances.  It is only you that can change those circumstances.  It is only you.  It is not Shoshanna.  It is not One Who Serves.  It is not beyond you.  Yes there is help.  What is important, though, is that you continue to acknowledge your own power and the power and strength within you to do the things that you need to do to live a full love light life.  That is all I have for you.

OWS:   Very good.  Do we have other questions here?

Guest:   Hello One Who Serves.  I would just like to say that I have noticed within the oneness of our family a very strong shift toward higher frequencies and a calmness, and just so much more love and wonder within all of us.  It is more of a dramatic shift, I felt, within our family, and I am assuming that goes across the planet.  But that is what I was wondering is since the Christ consciousness grid was activated in our area of the world, and it has been spreading, and I feel this so strongly, I would like an update to know how is the rest of humanity doing?  Has there been a discernible shift that you can see from your perspective?  Thank you.

OWS:   Certainly.  If you could see it from the vantage point of those up here on the ships it would appear as they look at these  frequencies.  This is what this is, is a frequency change.  As they look at this, it is as if they would be looking at it on a computer screen, you might say.  And as they look at this computer screen and see the entire planet below, they can see these lights, these new frequencies, coming up every minute, even, it seems.  They are lighting up everywhere.  It is the thousand points of light, but it is not a thousand, it is millions and millions and millions of points of light that are appearing in this respect, in this understanding.  This is how, if you were here on the ships, you would be able to see this and be able to understand more fully how consciousness is awakening across the planet—much, much more than you can possibly imagine at this point.

Because you look out and you still see the programming that is here within this three-dimensional illusion and you get entrapped in that programming at that time.

But as you can see if from our vantage point, you can see that this programming is becoming less and less and less, and people are awakening everywhere.  There are many that you would be aware of in terms of your acquaintances, your friends, things of this nature, and they are awakening without you even knowing that they may be, you see?  You would not necessarily know it when you walk in your stores and these types of things, and you walk past people, you do not know which of those are awakened and which are not.  But you would be amazed at how many more are than aren’t.  Now that is not to say that the awakened population is the majority—it is not.  It is still very much what you would call the minority that are awakened consciousness.  But that is shifting and changing very, very fast as you move more fully through this entire transition here through the ascension process.

Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share.

OWS:   Shoshanna, yes.

Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share with you, my Dear Sister:  It is with great joy that we can report that there is a great manifestation of fourth density consciousness arising on the planet.  This fourth density consciousness is that of group resolution as opposed to individual resolution.  That is, that others are recognizing their other self.  They are recognizing that group cooperation, group consciousness, group resolution is a very love light way to resolve differences.  We see this in this group, and we see this in many groups across the planet.  We see cooperation happening.  We see those that in the past have spent their lives in individual desires, individual fulfillments are now participating as a group, as a group complex, wishing that all within the group cooperate and become more conscious of the individuals in the group, if that makes any sense to you.  So what is happening world-wide in this moment, in this very moment, this fourth density variation and awareness and density and vibration is being imbued in humanity’s understanding.  And, as we learn these cooperative techniques, the fifth dimension is right around the corner, and the fifth dimension is that of wisdom, that cooperation and understanding within a group that individuals are all the same would be rhythm to that of wisdom.  That is all I have for you.

OWS:   Wonderful.  Very good.

Guest:   Thank you.  Thank you One Who Serves and Shoshanna.  I love you very much.

Shoshanna:   Thank you.  We love you!

OWS:   Would there be other questions, now?

Guest:   Hello, Beautiful Brother.  I want to just check in.  Last night I had stayed with friends because I was up traveling to visit for a particular event.  It was a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time.  What really just swirled right up inside of me being there was the lot of trouble there are having in their relationship and their marriage.  I was surprised that my friend’s way of interacting, given that he has a lot of training in personal growth and development, and his way of doing it was totally opposite to that.  Both of them are really wanting to work with me some.   I saw a big difference in his aura, his energy, his happiness was like much lower.  He gained a lot of weight.  In retrospect, I was considering is there alcohol in the mix.  I saw him do some drinking.  I thought is alcohol  one of the issues.  And so in thinking of that, I am wondering in terms of if you can give me any information like as to in this day and age with where we are going and everything like that, with people who have substance abuse issues or there is alcohol getting in the way, how much are we going to want to make use of the old-fashioned, I would say, ways of dealing of that, let’s say A.A. or all that stuff, and how much are we just going to let it go and do whatever we can do in the energetic world and let them sort of work through that?

OWS:   You will find, as you continue to move through this transition, that all of this will take care of itself over a period of time here.  But more importantly, not so much time, but as frequency raises, as vibrations continue to raise, as consciousness raises, so that those that imbibe in various types of drugs and alcohol and all of these types of pursuits to help medicate themselves, they will move beyond this. They will have no need of this anymore.  Not that they will not have an occasional drink or something of this nature to raise the spirit, you might say, a little bit.  There is nothing wrong with this.  There is nothing wrong either with those who even do it on a more regular basis, because it is for them.  It is their pursuit at that time.  But consciousness rising will take care of this in itself.  So it is not for you or anyone else to be concerned about whether they move into an A.A. Program, or whatever it might be.  If it is their pursuit, then they will go in that direction.  But you cannot direct their direction, you see?  You must let them be whatever they would be as they need to move through their various understandings and trainings that they are moving through—their lesions, you might say, that they are working through.

But again, all of this is going to take care of itself as you move more fully through this transition and the ascension process.  In that ascension process, there will not be any more of these types of things where people will need to do the self-medication because they will be beyond that. .

Shoshanna, do you have anything to add here?

Shoshanna:   My Dear Sister, may I share with you?

Guest:  Yes, for sure.

Shoshanna:   My Dear Sister, the one that you speak of has been heavily influenced by third-dimensional burdens that he carries.  He carries many burdens in this third-dimensional world that he feels he is not adept at, that he is not conquering.  His training, as he finds it, is to learn to conquer these things in his life, when it is really not.

The third dimension is the third dimension with all of its challenges and problems and issues.  There is no amount of training that can teach us, any of us, how to conquer the third dimension.  What we must do is raise our vibration and raise up into cooperation and the fourth dimension and the fifth dimension.

What you find in these two who are quarreling, who are fighting, who are straining to keep their relationship together, is a lack of cooperation and acceptance of who they are and what the reality of who they are and their own spirit, and what their goal really is in this in this lifetime.  He finds his goal to be very material.  This is a challenge for him.  He must let go of that.

What you can assist in is only one thing, and that is opening his heart.  He must open his heart.  He must learn the ways of love again, because he has forgotten.  It has been covered up for him.  In all these challenges that he faces every day, he has covered up his ability to love.  We must in some way assist him in opening his heart and opening his heart to all others around him, including his partner.  Does this make sense to you?

 Guest:   Oh yes.  Thank you so much.  I really appreciate that.  Beautiful.

Shoshanna:   Much love to you, My Sister.

OWS:   Very good.  Are there other questions here now?

Guest:   Hello One Who Serves.   I have a question, I don’t know if it is appropriate or what you can tell me about it.  My oldest brother’s wife passed Friday before Thanksgiving.  She suffered with cancer over the last six months quite a bit.  Is there anything you can tell us how Jean is doing with her passing, and also my brother who is experiencing a tremendous amount of grief (they were together 30 years).  Anything you can share about that that may be helpful for our family?

Shoshanna:   Shoshanna can share.

OWS:   Yes, please do, yes.

Shoshanna:   This is Shoshanna.  May I share with you?

Guest:  Please.

Shoshanna:   The one known as Jean in your family in this lifetime is now approaching another healing process in her passing.  She is learning of why she put herself through this tremendous burden of cancer, and she is learning new consciousness.  She is learning light.  She is learning how to  imbue her spirit and her soul with the light of love and understanding.  This one was burdened by believing that she must stand alone in many things.  She did not wish to ask for your help.  She tried to stand alone in this life.  She did not understand how much love was there for her.  She was the one that took care of everyone, and this was her burden.  She did not share the burden.  She did not understand this.  And as a result, she brought herself and her immune system down because she could not share her own burden.  She could not share with you.  She could not ask.  Does this make sense?

OWS:   Yes, because we didn’t know.

Shoshanna:   Yes.  She would not share this.  So I will tell you now, my Dear Sister, that what is occurring at this moment in her transition is that she understands what she did in the third dimensional lifetime that brought her down, and she is filling her own spirit and her own soul with the light of understanding of her own lifetime.  She is beginning to understand this, and she wishes to make you understand that she is well.  She is being enlivened.  She is being lightened.  Her burden has passed now.

I do not know if that one that was her husband would understand this, because he is in great grief, because he takes on the guilt of her passing.  He must give up that guilt.  He must understand that she made this happen for her own understanding for her own lifetime.  Does this make sense?

Guest:   Very much.  Is there anything you can offer for my brother?

Shoshanna:   Yes, you must show him a tremendous amount of compassion, love, and understanding.  You must allow him to move through this grief at whatever pace he wishes to move through this grief.  He may take a long time to move through this grief.  You must be there for him and understand that this is his grief, which upon the grief is built with guilt.  He must learn to let go of that guilt.  I do not know if this is something that you can do for him.  But you must show great compassion and great understanding, and allow his pain to transition to love, as it eventually will.  And this is not your burden.  Your only real help and assistance to this one is to show him love and compassion.  Does this make sense to you?

Guest:   It does.  I just can’t get over that we didn’t know and weren’t able to be there.

Shoshanna:   That is not your choice.  That was the choice of the one that passed.  That was her choice.  You must let go of that, as that vibration that you are emanating from that misery that you are experiencing will actually bring down more misery.  You must lift yourself up out of that, realizing that it has no bearing on you.   Does that make sense?

Guest:  Yes it does.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:   Much love to you my Dear Sister.

OWS:   Always know also that whenever one is in grief over someone’s passing that it is only temporary.  It will pass over a period of time certainly.  And then always know that there will be a reunion.  You will come back together with those ones again.  It is destined.  Everything comes back around again, again, and again, and again.  So whoever you have in your lifetime here, you have had most definitely in many other lifetimes.  So you have been with these particular ones because they are part of your soul group, and you will come together with them again.  So always know that when one passes on that it is, again, only temporary.  You will see, you will be with these ones again.  Okay?

Are there any other questions here?  We need to release channel here shortly.  Are there any other questions?

Guest:   I have a quick one if you can do it.

OWS:   Yes, please.

Guest:   Last Friday I was sitting home working on the computer.  My son was also here with me in the house and he was on the phone talking to somebody.  All of a sudden I heard the dishwasher start.  Like I said, he was on the phone, I was on the computer, so neither of us were touching the dishwasher.  I was just wondering if something beyond the two of us actually started it.

OWS:  Very interesting.  We need to ask you a question, here, though:  has something like this occurred before in your house?  Have you had other types of incidences such as this where something turns on out of seemingly nowhere?

Guest:   Not that I remember, no.

OWS:   This is a one-time thing?

Guest:  Yep.

OWS:   Are you certain that it was not preprogrammed in terms of setting a timer of some type to bring this washer on?

Guest:   It’s possible.  I know it can do it.   I know I did not program it, and I am pretty sure that my son didn’t, but it is possible that he just passed by and hit the start button.

OWS:   We are finding at this time that there is nothing that is really there to associate with in terms of anything abnormal or metaphysical, you might say, that is coming into the picture here about this type of an occurrence.   That is not to say that there is not something.  This is why we were attempting to understand if these things had occurred in previous times here.  But since they have not, then it is something to just–what is your saying?– chock up to just happenstance here.

Shoshanna, do you have anything else to add here?

Shoshanna:   No, I agree.

OWS:  Very much the same, then.

Guest:   Thank you.

Another Guest:   Hi, One Who Serves, I would like to ask a question please.

OWS:  Yes.

Guest:   Thank you.  Some of my very close family members, two, possibly three of them, I see them they are stuck on whatever it is that I don’t know.  It seems to me they walk in circles.  They come out of their own negative vibration but they climb back into the deep depression and aggression.  I worked really hard in raising my own vibrations, but when I see my close family going deep into depression and negative energies it makes my heart touched.  Is it something that I am contributing to, or how can I help?  Thank you.

OWS:  Yes, Shoshanna, yes.

Shoshanna:   May I share with you, my Dear Sister?

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   It is common for you to take on the burden of others.  It is a personality challenge for you in this life, to believe that this is your burden.  What is more important here is that you take on an awareness that each path must be walked.  Each path must continue for that one that chooses the path.  It is not your concern.

Your job, as it is my job, as it is for all of us, to show love and compassion and understanding, and extend our hand in whatever way we can.  But advice is not needed here.   In fact, your advice will be thrown out. They will not listen to you.  This is painful for you because you believe you may have answers for them,  But this is not your burden.  This is not for you to understand.  This is not for you to advise unless you are asked to advise, and then even in the asking, you may not be acknowledged that what you are saying is accurate.  You must let go and you must understand that this is their burden and they chose it.

OWS:   Always remember that everyone travels their own path, and it is not your path, it is their path.  You have yours, they have theirs.  So allow them to travel along their path.  And do whatever you can along the way if there assistance that is asked for, as Shoshanna has said.  But if not, then simply continue on your path.  And know that they travel their own way, and that is the way it is for all.  Okay?

Shoshanna:   And my Dear Sister, we are all related.  We are all one.  So that which one does, we feel responsible for in many ways because we are all one.  But we are also in this life living individual lives, and that is what must be acknowledged here.

OWS:   Yes.

We are needing to release channel here now.

We only say here that as you are moving toward the end of this year, there are still many occurrences, we will say, that can happen here.  You are moving through this transition.  This transition is gaining momentum, very much momentum, as these waves of energy are coming in, and more are going to come in, and they are going to be stronger, and stronger, and stronger.  So you are going to notice this as you move through these next weeks, through your Advance.  And we used the term “Advance” here very specifically, as there will be much advancement that can occur, not will occur, but can occur, as a result of those of you who attend this in whatever way that you attend it.

So know that as you move closer and closer to the end of this year, it is but the beginning of a new understanding that is going to be coming over mankind, here.  That is all we can say on this at this point.

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

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