Hopi via Ann Dahlberg, November 27th, 2018



Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Hopi who talk with you today. Earth has now announced its new status, which is to step into the sphere of light. Now are busy days for the peoples on Earth to adopt the light language that is spreading across the Earth. We have all the time given forewarning that this time would come and not it is here. It makes a cracking sound here and there when Earth is rising up and out of its chains. The old shell that held Earth back in the lower dimensions can no longer stay intact, but cracks at the seams.

It is high time for the peoples on Earth to adopt the light and the wisdom into their hearts. The light shines in everywhere on Earth today. It is absorbed by the plants, it is absorbed by the animals and it is absorbed by humans that have or are on their way to open their hearts. A new time is here – a new time for the reunion of the peoples on Earth. An awakening is now taking place from the North to the South, and from East to West. We all meet in the middle in the heart of Mother Earth.

The heart of Mother Earth is today shining with a rare golden color. It shines through Earth and out in the Universe. We have always kept our Mother dear. She has always been the dearest we have. So, now our tears of joy pours down our checks when we see how she shines in her golden robe. The time has come for Earth to regain her beauty, a beauty that grows from within and out for all to behold and participate in. Your hearts are now banging on the door in order for you to wake up so that they can spread their light and their joy as love has returned to Earth. It is a rare unconditional love that embraces everything it touches. For us here on Earth it is become rare, but it is everyday and everywhere in the higher regions of light.

We now again enter into the era of light – the time we foretold would come already thousands of years ago. It is time to turn over the spade and still ourselves for a moment in the heart. All still moments where we take in love and light is a victory for humans and the Earth. The voice of the heart connected with Mother Earth’s and connected with the higher self is a strong light pillar on Earth. It helps humanity and Earth to sail into the light – the light that already exist around you. The choice of the light… you make yourselves. You can choose to take in much or little at a time. You can also choose the shut it out, but this I do not recommend if you want to come along with our dear Mother Earth. Mother Earth helps you gladly to fill your heart with her golden light.

The time is in for the peoples on Earth to reunite as brothers and sisters. It is time for us to become one people, one spirit, one heart that together ascends into a lighter and more loving world.

Hopi has spoken.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


Source: www.sananda.website


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