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One Who Serves via James McConnell, September 23d, 2018

ONE WHO SERVES  (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani padme hum; om, mani padme hum, hum, hum.  Greetings to you.  One Who Serves here with you to take you on to the next step, and the next step, and the next one after that.  That is what we are here to do to continue to move you along to continue to, not so much move you, but nudge you here and there.  For we cannot do it for you, but we can do it with you.  That is what we are doing in every opportunity that we have, whether it is working through this channel, or through the many other channels that we all work through.  All of this, though, is designed to bring you to the state where you already know who you are, to have those remembrances coming back.  And they ARE coming back.  And you ARE seeing those glimpses more and more.  And you ARE seeing the galactic ships more.  You are becoming aware of all of this more and more.  As these times continue and all of these revealings come forward, you are in the process of having extraordinary changes develop within you and outside of you.

Would there be questions for One Who Serves?  Oh, before we do so, there was a question that was asked on your e-mail system, and we are going to address that one now.  It came from the one, David, and it is a continuation of a question that was asked previously.  But what we can do here is to attempt to address this, not only to the one who has asked the question, but to all here, because it is all important, here.

What we can say to the one who has asked the question though is, yes, your father that has passed away  is very much in a very good place and is watching over both your mother and yourself, and many others as well, and is following through on what would be considered his mission.  May not think of it in terms of “mission” here, but he has a mission as well, and he is following through with this.

For those of you who wonder when someone passes over to the other side where do they go?  They do not go where you think they would go.  They go to a space of consciousness, and in that space of consciousness they find freedom.  They find relief from the physical.  This is in the beginning especially.  They find freedom from the body.  And as they are free, now, from the body, they can pursue many other avenues of expression that are important to them at the time, and they will do this.  They will experience a new understanding, a new life, you might say, in that afterlife area.  Some call it “Summerland.”  In this area, they find themselves experiencing life at a much fuller level than they were here on the earth and in their physical body.  Do they have a body?  Yes, they still have a body.  They have materialized whatever body they want to have at that point.  Many continue in the body that they have.  Others will change their bodies  in various ways.  But when they appear to you as the ones they have left behind, they will appear to you most likely in the body that they left in.  But that physical body is certainly gone.  But the remnants of that physical body carry on if they wish to have it.   Ok?

Are there other questions, now.  Yes, you had question?

There was one, a male, who had question there?

A:  I have a question.

OWS:  Yes, we have lost that one, then.  Yes.  Your question?

A:  My question, when James was guiding meditation, when I got to my mercaba, right away I went to Washington (D.C.).  There I saw there was a closed-door meeting and there were some Galactics there, and I think I was in that room.  Can you tell me something about it?  What the meaning of that was?

OWS:  What we can tell you is what you already know deep within you, as you are experiencing a meeting place, as you are finding it.  Many of you (this is not only for you who asked this question, but many of you) have the connection to various councils, various meeting areas that you do in your dream state.  Many of you are not aware of this yet.  You do not have the remembrances coming back, but you are, you are going to councils, you are going to meetings, you are experiencing various connections with Galactics, and those from Inner Earth, and all of this.  You have many connections that you are not aware in your conscious knowing self, but that is going to change.  And it is changing rapidly for many of you.  For many of you are having more and more experiences seeing things that you wouldn’t have seen before, experiencing things that you would not have experienced before, and just simply looking up at the night sky and seeing all of the beautiful stars, and realizing that many of them are not stars at all, they just appear to be stars.  But there is no confirmation for you other than the confirmation from within, the knowing from within.  But then that doubt steps in and says, “no, that is just a star,” or “no, that is a satellite moving across the sky,” and it is NOT.  In many cases it is not.  They are decloaking themselves to you, to your third eye center—not to your physical eyes so much, but your third eye center.  And that is an inner knowing that is coming to many of you, and will continue to come.  Then, your physical eyes will begin to see this as well, because they will be decloaking to your physical sight as well.  So this is all coming.  This is what Ashtar was speaking about. Certainly, “as the stars fell” as it will become to be known, “the day the stars fell.”  It will appear just as that, as the stars are coming down from the sky.

Are there other questions here?

O:  Corey Goode said that the Anchara group from Hollow Earth stated that we are their past civilization timeline and that a huge solar blast will hit the earth at some point, originating at that one corner and killing many and wiping out all the electronics on the earth.  Corey actually moved his entire family to Colorado because of this prediction and belief.  My question is, are we on their timeline, or is that just one of millions of timelines?

OWS:  As you are saying, the second one.  There are many different time lines, and the ones that you are on depend on your consciousness as you continue to move along.  We are talking of the collective consciousness here.  So to be concerned, though, about being in the right place or this type of thing, that is locking you into the matrix.  That is keeping you in the third dimensional experience in the illusion, here. And if you do that, then you stay there.  Now that is not to say that there are not what you would call “safe places” and this type of thing.  But again, that is on a certain timeline.  And as you are coming more and more to understand, there are many different timelines.  It is not just simply one timeline as you have grown up to believe, here, and had been taught in your earlier years.  You are coming to understand that there many different timelines, many diverging timelines, many emerging timelines as well.  This is continuing and will continue.

At one point, though, as Archangel Michael has said several times through many different sources, these timelines will merge.  And as they fully merge one, or even just a few time lines, then you will be on a certain trajectory, you might say.  And that trajectory will continue and take you into that new Golden Age that has been spoken of.  Ok?

O:  Great, thank you very much.

OWS:  Other questions here:

C:  I have a question about finding the records within.  Can you know who you are at your core level or like being your higher self without having the remembrance of like every single lifetime you have had?

OWS:  You are not going to have a remembrance of every single lifetime you have had, because that would be completely overwhelming to you.  But you will have a connection with who you are and who you have been before, more of a full recollection at once, as these memories come back to you.  And at some point you will have a full knowing of who you are with the conglomeration, you might say, of all of your lifetimes together, but not having the individual memories of all of them.  But you could, at any one point, remember any one particular lifetime.  You understand the difference here?

C:  Yes, I understand the difference.  I had a few experiences while I was sleeping where I was in the higher dimensions and I felt like my higher self, but I knew who that was and who I was, but I didn’t yet have that experience of kind of knowing all of, not the details, but all of the different multi-dimensional people.  So, yes I do understand what you are saying.  Thank you very much.

OWS:  You will have that experience.  All of you at some point will have that experience where you have the full knowing.  Think about this for just a moment.  Haven’t there been times in your life, in this life, when you have had moments of full understanding, even just for a brief second, of who you are, but then you try to grasp onto that and it eludes you at that point?.  You know of what we speak here.

C:  Right, I do.

OWS:  Yes.  That is what we are speaking of, but it will be more than just a brief second, there.  It will be lasting more and more, where you will have that full knowing of who you are and what you are all about.  It will all come to you at once, and over a period of time as well.

Other questions here?

ML:  I would like to know if Judge Kavanaugh is going to be elected to the Supreme Court and if he is going to be a good judge.

OWS:  My goodness.  You are asking us to take out our crystal ball here and do a divination for  you.   We cannot, and will not do that.  But we will tell you that everything is proceeding exactly as it needs to, exactly as it is expected to, based on the orchestration that is happening with everything going on.  If you want to believe that this one is going to be appointed, then certainly believe that and know that.  Because as you believe it, as you create it to be, it will become that.  You can read into that answer to get your answer there.  Ok?

ML:  Ok, thank you very much.

L:  Hello One Who Serves.  Hello my beautiful friend.  I would like to see if I can get a little elaboration on these:  we have these various aspects, we have the higher self, the soul, the over soul, the I Am presence. Maybe some of them are the same thing with a different name.  Can you elaborate on that a little bit?

OWS: Pretty much so, you are correct in that they are mostly all the same, all in one.  And there are different understandings, though, at different levels of consciousness.  And in those different levels of consciousness, then there are different categories, you might say.  But to understand it all in one fell swoop, we would say it is all one, and all of the same, here.  Ok?

L:  Ok, thank you.

OWS:  It would take a great deal of beyond this question-answer type of process here to be able to give a more full complete understanding of all of these.

Shoshanna:  May I please…

OWS:  Yes, please.  Shoshanna wishes to add something here.

Shoshanna (Joanna’s Higher Self):  The idea of each thing that you are asking about, each characterization that you are asking about:  each one has functions that are specific to that idea.  So, for example, the I Am presence embodies consciousness.  That is why I Am, anything that follows I Am, has such an impact on one’s life.  The function of I Am, for example, is almost completely pure consciousness.  The others that One Who Serves refers to that it would take quite a discourse to explain each, they each have functions within the one.  We are all the one, we are all one in the one, and the I Am presence, the over soul, the soul, the higher self—all these things are actually one with diverse functions within the one.

OWS:  Very good.  Very well said.  Yes.

L:  Thank you, thank you.

C:  I have a question.  Hello One Who Serves.  Love you.  Archangel Michael told us recently that we are merging with our twin flames, twin souls, and I wanted some clarification on that.  My question is, if we choose to live as a couple in the new earth, will we still have separate bodies?

OWS:  First of all, you have never been not merged with your twin soul.  You are always merged with your twin soul.  You just do not have the knowing at your conscious knowing self level.  So that is one.  As to the second part, you will have experience, if you want to, that will become up to you after ascension, whether or not you want to have a body, a physical body, or whatever it is that you want at that time you would be able to manifest for yourself.  Please understand, though, going through the ascension process, it will not be a complete understanding of this merging, and it will not be an ability, you might say, for all to have this manifestation process, at least not in the beginning.  It will come as a practice, as working through this process in learning, and we would even say re-learning how to manifest what it is that you want to have appear for you.  Ok?

C:  Ok, thank you.

K:  I would like to speak, please.   Hello.  I have heard different takes on about the appearance of the earth from space.  We have been conditioned to believe that it is spherical.  And I have been hearing interjections that it is flat.  What is accurate and true, please.  Thank you.

OWS:  We have answered this question before.  We would say, though, for you to go within yourself and ask that question of yourself as to whether it is a sphere, a globe, or whether it is flat.  Now, think about this for just a moment.  This is not in any way to be derogatory, here, toward you or your question, but think about how could it possibly be flat, and then you will have your answer.

K:  Yes, I got that.  Thank you.

N:  I have a question.  Hello.  I saw in my mind’s eye at the top of my spine was darkness.  So I am wondering if this is something that being shown as something from the past or something relevant now, or is there any other kind of energy in my spine blocking the Kundalini, or is everything is as it is supposed to be?  Thank you.

OWS:  You are wondering here if there is a blockage in your Kundalini energy, is this the question?

N:  Yes, and this tie-in, because I was shown a darkened black spot on the top of my spine, so I am wondering.

OWS:  What we are finding is that is not a block of your Kundalini energy, but that is a block within your meridians, here, and the energy flow that is moving through your various meridian points.  This would be alleviated greatly by having your acupuncture, or acupressure would also be helpful here, as well as could also be a sense of hypnosis, or a multi-level process also could help to alleviate this.  That is up to you, though, how you wish to approach this.  It is a block that comes from past life experience.  It is not blocking your Kundalini energy, but it is blocking the various electromagnetic emergencies that are moving through you.  Ok?

N:  On the level of the spine?

OWS:  Yes, that is correct.

N:  Yes, thank you so much.  I appreciate it.  Thank you.

S:  I have come across a word in our group that I don’t quite understand.  It is called “empath.”  What is that:

OWS:  Yes, empath,  empathic, yes?  You are wondering what that is?

S:  Yes.  What is an empath?

OWS:  What we would suggest to you on something of this nature is to do your research in terms of do your “Googling.”  You can Google that word and it will give you much to understand.  But also understand that an empath is someone who feels greatly, deeply within themselves, and others as well—they feel within others.  They commiserate, or they can feel a sense of oneness, a connection with another, and it can even be in terms of feeling another’s pain at the same as that one may be feeling the pain, you see?

S:  Yes.  And I wonder if this wouldn’t be true for a lot of people.  We have grandchildren, one who is 17, and she is very, very advanced, so I don’t know if she fits into this in a way.  But she is just advanced in everything she does.  She just specializes in all of it.  And then evidently she is picking up stuff.  So she went to a concert and they are giving her drugs, and now she is suicidal.  So this is counter-productive of this whole thing and we don’t know what do to.  And, there would probably be others who wonder too:  how can we help them?

OWS:  You can help them by doing your due-diligence here by if you have the ability to assist them, to not interfere but intercede on their behalf, if you have that ability, if you can do that, then we would suggest to you to do that immediately and encourage them.  This is for all, now, who would wonder about this:  encourage them to get off of the drugs—not all at once though—do not go “cold turkey” as the saying goes, but do it gradually, but do it with intention, intention to be off all of those types of psychological or manipulative drugs that are given out in many different ways.

Many times the ones that are giving these drugs out do not know any better.  They think that it is the system.  They think that they are doing good things for others.  Most think this.  And they are just doing what they have learned to do.  But it is time, more and more,  to move away from this type of thing, and move into natural ways of working with these things.

Understand that many of these children are very advanced, as you say here, and they are beyond their years, you might say.  And those who work with them think that there is something wrong with them, but there is nothing wrong with them—it is the opposite: there is everything right with them.

Shoshanna:  May I share…

OWS:  Shoshanna wishes to share, here:

Shoshanna:   This Delicate One, that you speak of, desires acknowledgement.  This one desires to be acknowledged that what she feels, what she thinks, how she feels, what she knows is accurate, that she is not crazy.  If there can be a support system where this one can be acknowledged for how she feels and what she thinks, and that it is a gift, then she will begin to recover.  It is her judgment of herself that has caused her to retreat.

OWS:  Very good.  Wonderful.

S:  Right on.  Thank you so much.  That sounds right on.

Shoshanna:  Thank you.

S:  Save them.  We have to save them.

Shoshanna:  You as the grandmother have influence.   You have influence, and you may not influence the parent.  You may influence this Delicate One directly by acknowledging her and letting her know that you understand her gift.

S:  Will do.

Shoshanna; Namaste, Dear One.

S:  Yes.

OWS:  Very good.  Now is there a final question:

Sh:  Yes.  Thank you One Who Serves;  My question is there was a download I was doing a few nights ago.  It had to do with all of our chakras, and there used to be seven and now we have twelve, and now they have moved into the twelve solar aspect of the fifth-dimensional now.  This is what I was being told as we were doing this transmission.  Now we have the three above our head, we have the two earth stars.  She kept saying they are between your crown and your base.  So where did the other five merge to?  That is my question.

OWS:  What we can say is the three above are above the head, as you are saying, above the physical body’s head.  But they are in consciousness, they are as the other chakra systems are.  They are not physical manifestation, but they are your etheric manifestation.  The ones below the feet are the two below the feet as well.  But they are coming into more of an etheric manifestation to all of you.  More of you are becoming aware of this.  It is almost as if these ones are beginning to come online.  And when they fully come online, you will have passed through the ascension process and now be fully operating within the twelve chakras, predominantly the ones fourth and above.  Ok?

Sh:  Yes.  And, one more thing about that.  She did mention that they are no longer lotus, they are orbs.  Each one of them is an orb now, and they each carry the rainbow colors, all of the colors within, and you can use this for healing through your I Am presence.  Your I Am presence is the one that is completely who you go through when you wish to do healing across time and space or for yourself.  You call upon any of these orbs.  They each have a specific color, and of course the healing one is the emerald green.  So you ask your I Am presence that you wish to send the emerald green orb to a person across time and space for healing. Then your I Am presence takes over while you are breathing and you are letting the I Am presence take initiative.  Then they will turn every sphere into the emerald green while still keeping the rainbow colors behind it and not so vibrant.  Once they all turn into the emerald green, then the I Am presence will send this transmission to wherever you are wishing to send it.  That’s incredible.  So I have been using it.  Thank you.

OWS:  My goodness.  How complicated, though!  How complicated.  You take a very simple system and make it incredibly complicated.  It is not so much that you need to find the emerald green, or the orb, or whatever it is, and ask for this, and then to move into the I Am presence, or all of these things.  That is all wonderful, and it is a tool, but it is not necessary in a fuller understanding of who you are.  All you need to do is simply ask within yourself to have healing.  It does not matter where it comes from, only that it comes.  And know that it is coming from your higher God self, you see?  And there are those that are working with this system, you might say, these grid systems here, especially that of Hilarion who is especially responsible for healing here on the planet.  You can call on him directly as well if you want, if it helps, because he would be the conduit between your higher self and you to assist here.  But it is not necessary, though, to have a fuller understanding of all of the particulars as you are doing, unless you want to.  If you want to make something simple complicated, then do so.  But we would say to take the complicated and bring it down to the simple.

Would you like to any anything, Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:  You are correct.  Often, though, human beings require a tool.  And often, the more complex the human’s mind is, the more they search for tools.  And simplifying the mind is difficult for many, and it is a process to learn to simplify.

OWS:  That is correct.  Very good.

Then we are finished for the time.  We are just going to add here that everything continues to move on.  We continue to hold you into understanding of remaining calm.  Remaining calm, remaining within the eye of the storm at all times.  Because the storm is about to rage around you.  Many of you are wondering what is this storm.  What we would say to you is when the storm comes, you will know what it is and you will know that you are within it at that time.  So get ready, but stay calm.  But it is going to show.  The show is coming.  If you are having a good seat for it, then you can enjoy it.  So get the best seat you can find, and get ready to be a spectator of this, and a participant as well, as you will find as you move along here.

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

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