Pallas Athena via Beatrice Madsen May 30th, 2019

Pallas Athena

May 30th, 2019

Channeled via Beatrice Madsen


Dear goodhearted humans, you get a glimpse of me in the speed of the wind, as I push on hard now. I blow away what does not work. I blow away that which must be disclosed. My name is Pallas Athena and I am the goddess of wisdom. I am blowing so hard and completely and together with Pandora we open box after box after box, oh beautiful humans.

You are so beautiful and grand, oh humans. I do not mean this at an other level, as I see the beauty grandeur of your soul, oh human.

So, I want to give you a word of wisdom, dear one. What I want to tell you is to not fall for everything that glimmers as gold, oh human. Look behind the glimmer. There you might find a rotten fish and behind what looks like a rotten fish the real treasure might be found. I do not say that it is so – I say that it might be so. Oh, you human, you must try everything. Try and see if it holds in the power of the storm, for the tide, for Earth’s furious rumbling and tossing.

Oh, dear human, see your inner Pandora Box. See, how there inside your shell your own gold and diamonds glimmer, large as pomegranates. Some of them are unpolished, but allow yourself to start polishing, as you are the most beautiful of diamonds, dear one.

Since the beginning of time I have been with you and I rejoice with the sirens that sing my feminine song of wisdom, as also I am reborn. I am reborn with each human child as the power of wisdom – I am proud and powerful Pallas Athena. I care for each man and woman – her soul I proudly carry with me as we now sing together after the heavy yoke of slavery and lamentation.

I blow the Earth crust clean with every breath I take. Be not afraid, oh human, as we together care for her golden treasure, which is you.

Pallas Athena rides every wish to its brim with you, dearest. Stand straight in the wind, oh human. You shine proudly as the lighthouse you are in the storm and we smile in our dearest reunion.

I love you,

Pallas Athena




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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