Sananda/Jesus via Ann Dahlberg, May 29th, 2019


May 29th, 2019

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I, Jesus Christ, is here now to speak a bit with your today. The Earth has as you all know decided to again enter into the light. She has sought her light within her and is now starting to sense its bright world. She is now prepared to shake off all darkness and let the light achieve a larger footing on Earth.

Do you understand what this means, dear humans on Earth? It means that also you need to shake off your darkness and let the light achieve an ever increasing hold in your body and your mind. Let me and the Holy Spirit lead you to the light, so that you have peace in your soul.

The light is now looking for all ready souls who want to let go of all grudges in order to open up for forgiveness and love. Love is the most grand and most beautiful that exists. Love embraces everything and everybody unconditionally knowing well that everything is created in love. It cannot be differently as the one who created it only is love and light. There is nothing else – everything else is an illusion projected by your minds. When you embrace your mind of light and love all problems are gone. They disappear at the same moment that you enter the door. It happens when you have decided to find the light in yourselves and let go of this world for a higher purpose. The purpose is the healing of yourselves, your brothers and sisters and this world that you right now live in. Everything is healed at the same time that you heal yourselves – when the false vision is replaced with the true vision you go from one reality to another.

This is why we call for your attention now. Mother Earth has made her choice and it is time for you to make yours. The choice must be to either choose the illusion that has penetrated so deeply into you or to seek real happiness in the true vision of love and light that resides deeply in you. Can you let go of this world that you have built just for a little bit, you will understand what I mean. All the times that you have felt peaceful and happy is the world that you really belong to – it is the world within you that you are to seek. As soon as you focus on this you receive all the help you need and your steps will be lighter and lighter until you are flying. I promise you this, as it is my holy task to bring you all to the light and not until you all are there will put my task aside. You are all my brothers and sisters and I love all of you.

Whatever you have come up with in your fantasized world of darkness the light has always been there waiting for you. I, Jesus, stand here in the light and call on you and follow you on your path so that you will find your way home again. Take my hand now and we will walk together to the portal of light. We place all our problems and mistakes in front of the door and enter into the light – the world we left so long ago. We have now been found again and saved back to us selves. We are now whole loving and happy again. We are one with our light family and the joy cannot be described in words. Now we sing together honoring our Creator and the grace and love he has shown us. We are all one with our Creator and thus one with each other.

Now, take your time, dear children, to find your inner treasure of love and light. It is time to turn homewards now.

I follow your footsteps as I love you so much.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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