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Plato is speaking via Jacquelyn Fox, September 2nd, 2019

September 2, 2019

Session with Plato for Sananda

Channeled by Jacquelyn Fox (J)

Note from J: Today’s teaching started off as a personal session, but I thought it would be very helpful information for those of you who enjoy reading Plato’s teachings here on Sananda, so he and I have adapted it to this format. Plato starts out speaking directly to me.


Plato is speaking:

“J, it appears that covering more ephemeral issues is vital to your education. Opening issues regarding the quality of life you are gifted frees your understanding of your current reality. God appears in many telling forms in your life. Each such form offers us a glimpse of your reality. In one, your hopes are fully manifested, yet in another they are not.”

J: “Are you speaking about multiple realities? Like in a multiple universe theory?”

Plato: “Home is vision. It is limitless.” (Home is the word Plato commonly uses to describe existence beyond the physical. Our Home in Light.) “Realities shift and rest according to one’s energy. Just as in physical reality, Home hugs us living here guised as physical life. It honors our minds’ need for solid, nimble, hugging illusions. We in Light experience physical life illusions just as you do. It is very fluid, however, much more so than your physical experience. In your frequency, because you are tied to linear time, things take time to manifest. In our experience, it is offered quickly, in synch with our thoughts. Open Light is every possibility issuing simultaneously. It is limitless options. In living in this frequency, we are offered limitless opportunities. We in Light free ourselves from the limits you struggle with in life. Huge, amazing benefits come from living at this frequency. Our thoughts are immediately manifested as experiences that line up with our thoughts. God will visit every illustration imaginable in his quest for experience, so any thought will lift as an experience here. Therefore, holding on to thoughts of peace, hope and happiness is extremely important.

Now, this may get sticky going forward, J, hard for your mind to grasp, I imagine. Home is illustrated in the thoughts that are gripping the mind. If the mind is gripped by thoughts of crime or illustrations of suffering, quite quickly those unpleasant experiences manifest. Pushing those thoughts out of the mind shuts down the experience. Now, your thought illustrations also issue into life as experiences, but at a much slower pace. Honestly J, that is a good thing. It gives us guides time to help you change your course when needed. Events in your life are flowing offerings of experiences in every possible illustration. Luck is just another name for hugging an illustration you would prefer to experience over one that would not be as pleasant. Hugging tested experiences over untested ones is the path that many in life will cling to. It frees one from stress and anxiety, however it also creates an experience of locked growth potential. Holding tightly to the familiar may provide peace and security, but cheats one from their life’s true potential. Your guides in Light are elevators of life potential. Free will is simply God allowing every mind every option available and allowing them to experience it. Holding to the familiar provides illustrations of experiences that feel comfortable but are not necessarily aligned with one’s highest good. Free will allows for this option, but time often sends coded messages that speak of the need for change in one’s experience. Eventually the messages become very loud and what was once comfortable becomes uncomfortable. Such messages stimulate change and threaten to nix one’s peaceful experience of the familiar, which is something many in life are afraid of. Eventually, however, these quiet messages of change become too powerful to ignore and one must unhitch themselves from their current path. The frightening flinging away of one’s current life mode need not be a ‘bad’ experience, however most in life believe it will be, and because they hold to that belief, it often manifests that way. I will tell you, J, that eliminating your negative assumptions of change is my most important function as your guide. I want your incoming change to be an experience of hope and huge freedom. God’s plan for you is imminent in your life-line. Guidance for this coming change is therefore becoming more focused. Hopeful options are being highlighted so that manifesting them into your experience becomes easier for you. The guidance being issued is hoisting your most benevolent outcome.

Guides in Light who hem your goals also exist. It is God’s holding of free will that allows this. Guides who elevate ideas of holding to the familiar are not issuing bad advice, only different options. Fundamentally, they are offering ingrained experiences designed to log life as simply as possible. This is very appealing to many in life. Free will allows for this choice. It is neither good nor bad, simply a choice. Just as in Light, one’s choice is then reflected in one’s experience.

Contracts made in Light with other souls are often reflected in the choices one makes in life. Your guides lift those contracts to you in the hope of lining them up with your life experiences. Fundamentally, J, the visions that your guides lift to you in your sessions are designed to line your life up with your Light contracts and your highest good. The hue of your aura is one of a healer and an issuer of Light wisdom. This wisdom hugs the imminent shift opening in your life. It governs your flow of life from now on. Goals in your life are going to shift into that alignment. This may initially feel uncomfortable to you, but it will grow easier. The vision I lift is one of our J willingly embracing change, hugging to the opening of her life in its right-minded revelation. Freeing private thoughts of fear and doubt and choosing instead faith in God.”

J: “What goals are you speaking of, specifically?”

Plato: “The goal of independence in life. We oil your urge for independence freely in Light because it is in alignment with your highest good. Fully formed independence is opening in your life soon. Gripping it freely is best, which is why I focus on it so steadily in my guidance. If I could convince you of just one thing, it would be that joining with you in logging illustrations of happiness in our sessions opens hope in you and that hope will act in Light to lift those illustrations of happiness we log. J, your inner Light thrives on hope. It glows of shining green and blue. Green in bright fingers of Light around your heart and blue in great streams at your crown. Guiding you is a joy for me. Only your insistence on clinging to your life illusions seems to me in Light as verging on insanity. Your frittering away of your independence is flinging away your highest good.”

J: “Thank you for this. I think it might be helpful for others who are experiencing changes in their lives. Should I share this on Sananda?”

Plato: “I think you’re right about that. Change is calling to many in life. They should know that their guides are counseling them, just as I counsel you, though perhaps in not so eloquent of a manner. Their guides communicate to them in the manner best suited for their mind and their gifts. In Light, right-minded guides open illustrations of freedom and hope, hugging their Light-appointed students in loving grace. Home is telling each of you in life to be not afraid of change. Embrace God’s gift of free will and fear not. Eloquent Home speaks in many fashions, from the highest esoteric teachings to the simplest elevation of life signs. Look for the messages of your guides and do not doubt your intuition. Open life’s changes in hope and eagerness, for those are high frequency emotions that will act to lift your highest possible good. J’s change is opening, as it is for many of you. How it opens, however, is up to you. Until next time, my friends, be well.”


You can connect with Jacquelyn, and her Master Teachers, via her website at A book of her channelings, “LIGHT LESSONS: Wisdom for Light Workers from Master Teachers in Light” is also available on Amazon.


Glossary of common terms and their meanings:

Energy Flow – Another term for aura.

Light – This term is used in multiple ways. Often it is used to describe the existence beyond physical life, commonly referred to as “Heaven” or the afterlife. They also use it to describe spiritual energy or consciousness, the energy that makes up everything that exists. They also use it to describe a state of positive, enlightened existence in alignment with God. They also tend to use it as a name for the collective enlightened consciousness, the guides, teachers and masters in spirit who reach out to us.

Long-in-Light – Is another way of saying “enlightened” or possessing a great deal of spiritual Light. It can also be used to describe one who has existed in spirit for a long time, an “old soul.”

Night-Light – They use this term to describe anything, living or in spirit, that is not in alignment with God. It is the illusion of separation from God. “Night-Light spirits” are spirits still under the illusion that they are separate from God. They are not aligned with the peace and happiness of Light yet and are in need of healing. It is also a common term for the lower frequency levels of Light, like the Astral plane.

Light Pondering – Light pondering is the quieting of the mind to allow ideas of spirit to enter, through meditation, divination or dream work.

Light Minds – Light minds in life are those people living who have a mind-connection to spirit and spiritual truth: mediums, intuitives and other Lightworkers. Light minds can also be those enlightened minds in spirit. They are aligned with Light, not night-Light.

Loitering Spirits – Spirits in a state of night-Light who are attracted to the energy of the living.

Logging – A term that describes the pinning of intention to effect change in one’s experience. Logging, in teaching vernacular, is the sending of intention toward a goal.