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Plato via Jacquelyn Fox, June 4th, 2018

June 4th 2018

Session with Plato for Sananda

Plato speaks about the benefits and reasons to connect with one’s spirit guides.

Plato is speaking:

“Light frees one’s mind of depression when pondering in Light becomes a routine part of your life. No wailing over life’s small details can withstand regular Light pondering. Through Light pondering, one’s mind becomes tandemly quieted by Truth in Light and by Spirit intervention into your thoughts. Once one ponders in Light with one’s guides, a mind connection is formed. Open Light streams from the minds of your Spirit guides and into your mind, reaching your innermost thought processes. Lining up with your Spirit guides will lighten the thoughts in your mind. No voice of limitation can withstand open, flowing Light for very long. This is why people in life who meditate are promoters of its virtues. Meditation acts to open one’s mind to Light.

Money notwithstanding, plowing Light into one’s mind lifts good luck in life as well. Let me explain why this is so. In Light all is energy. Picture a high-strung mind in Light as a pot of boiling water. The Light energy that heats the pot is neither good nor bad, it’s just energy. Light bonds with one’s “pot of water” like a mighty fire. Normal thoughts become infused with Light, nullifying the voice of limitation that lifts troubling thoughts, limiting the occurrence of thoughts of worry and strife, kicking out a once high-strung mode of thinking and opening peace and happiness. This state of peace and happiness resonates at a higher vibration and draws to you people and circumstances of that same higher vibration. It isn’t luck, really, it is simply like attracting like energetically.

Joining your mind with your guides in Light allows one to benefit from their wisdom and unconditional love. Most individuals go through their lives crying out for guidance, but never reach out to Light. Often more so with men than women. Women generally have less mental baggage from their upbringing that prohibits them from belief in Light. Men are mostly influenced to live lives trusting in reality only. Most life jobs keep one firmly rooted in life reality, not Light.

J reacted just now to question my pondering, saying that it is not just men who work such jobs in life, but most women as well. Life is much different for people currently than when I lived as Plato. More jobs and longer hours doing them. J’s bond with longer work hours will be lifting soon too. But I promote her life of Light-healing and so I will work those long hours with her in Light. Now, where was I? I lost my pondering train of thought.”

J: “You were saying men are less open to Light because of their upbringing and life jobs. I countered that most women work those jobs too.”

Plato: “Ah, yes. I stand corrected. Most men struggle with Light because life binds them tightly to reality. Women on the other hand minimize their resistance to a Light connection because of a loving trust of spirit that most men resist. Kicking out mistrust of spirit seems to be harder for most men.

Ancestors, long-in-Light, align with those living in life and often lifts notions of life limitation and fear, minimizing the living with their influence. Miserable, listening spirits of one’s long-dead family members will lift ideas of life limitations they experienced when they lived. When one only hears limiting notions from miserable spirits, with no Light notions voiced by one’s guides to counteract them, one’s life happiness is affected. Normal people in life suffer plight at the hands of spirit kin on a regular basis and believe it is depression or anxiety. We Light guides look at our mortal charges and feel very sad for them because they are suffering needlessly. Moving, pressing spirits of limitation engage them in night-light ponderings while we stand by helplessly trying to make a Light connection.

An old saying delivered in my day states that one can lead a long-thirsty man to water but cannot impel them to drink of it unless they choose that option. Your Light guides wait for you all by the water, but only you can take the drink. Lost in life is never lost in Light. No matter how limited your life is, Light will open to you if you drink of it.

Thank you for listening, my friends. Until next time.”