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Ra via Kjerstin Sisilla May 14, 2020


Ra via Kjerstin Sisilla May 14, 2020


I’m Ra. I AM. I am grateful to reach this contact today when so much is happening on your planet Gaia.

I have also visited Gaia physically during “the good old days”, before we lost some in terms of ethics and morals.

I remember Atlantis’ time – the beginning of that era – as a great and happy time. Love, Light, balance and wonderful crystalline cities where we lived in relative equality, man and woman. Atlantis was so much bigger on the surface than your historians think. Atlantis was even bigger in terms of knowledge, thanks to the direct contact with the Cosmos, with God, with the Source and with our Higher “Source-Self”. In love, we gave each other and ourselves the experiences and the world we wanted.

As in the history of the Earth, different kinds of entities / aliens were attracted to your planet. Some with a good purpose, others with a desire to have power over and to live at the expense of others. Here began the oppression of the woman. We men who lived then, many of us had memories of an era when feminine forces were dominated. We had grown tired of this matriarchy – without any major progress from a development perspective. Therefore, we were easily guided and full of experimental desire, because we were reminded that we were at Gaia to gather experiences. We did so when many of us participated in the alien oppressor’s agenda with power over women, experimenting with different mixtures of species – from different planets.

This was overboard and was no longer possible to stop – the governing entities had also taken power over us men, who no longer acted as men if I were to be honest – but as rabbi beasts – the worst beasts imaginable.

I say FORGIVE ME from my heart to all of you women who have since been oppressed. As you understand, these events led to Atlantis’s fall in various ways. The frequencies / energies on Gaia dropped dramatically to now, at the end of the past era, rise again to the former levels. As a small consolation, I can tell you, you so abused women, that even the men have since tried on women’s roles as well as you women have tried roles as both oppressive and more balanced men.

It is with great relief, joy and love in my heart that I now see that it is finally happening. THE BIG BALANCE HAS BEEN ACHIEVED. The Divine Feminine energy that was effectively depressed for millennia is now emerging again within the woman. The power returns – Sóphia has returned and reunited with Christ’s energy – the one that our dearly beloved friend Yeshua / Sananda brought down to earth.

The time has come when humanity IS IN BALANCE. Not just as in Jesus’ time, within a small group of women and men who were said to come from Magdala – the “Magdalenes” – but within each one of Mother Gaia’s round globe. That’s amazing what’s happening now. Nova Gaia is created by you my Beloved friends, of you all together in this now.

The Golden Age has come to the Golden Planet. The predictions are fulfilled and “everything that exists” is affected in all Universes.

Receive my Love, receive the excuse for the past from my cosmic heart. Be at peace when you now see the New being opened before your eyes.

All My Love, All My Light to You My Heroes. I’m Ra. I AM.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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