Love is our new reality

Saint Germain via Genoveva Coyle, October 31st, 2018


Let’s travel together into my miracle laboratory and practice molding love into form…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! I AM St. Germaine. I AM Keeper of the I AM Presence, I AM master alchemist, I am your brother and friend. I AM that and so are you my dearest family, for you have to know by now that you are extremely powerful and that there is nothing that you cannot bring into manifestation when it is aligned with your purpose and with the Divine Will.

You have many talents and qualities. Indeed you are wearing many hats; you are healers, proficient transformers – many of you have been personally trained by me in the Violet Temple – you are channels of love, teachers, and pillars of light, pathfinders, way-showers, and awakeners of humanity. But above all, you are here to be master creators of love.

Yes, you are co-creating with us, and this is so because this is the way we have designed it for this lifetime. And not because you wouldn’t be capable of doing it alone, but because it is our pleasure to assist you in expediting and amplifying the process.

This journey of collective ascension, this lifetime that you are so bravely undertaking in the midst of the chaos and destruction of the old paradigm, is meant to be a joyful and playful one for all of you.

Yes, you need to be firm and strict when it comes to maintaining your boundaries and stopping the bullies and the intruders at any level,  energetic or otherwise. You can greet and bless them with the Violet Flame of Transmutation, but gently, as my brother, Uriel is suggesting, and send the Violet Flame of love to enfold them until they understand that these ways of the old are not allowable any longer in the Nova Earth.

But we also want you to enjoy yourselves and have fun, to be those light alchemists, those creators in form that can manifest miracles for yourselves and others, and anything that is for the highest good of all. You know that you are always the creators of all that it is your reality, but you also know how easy it is to bring in all that you desire, and all that you can dream about, when you get yourselves out of the way and stop limiting yourselves.

I am inviting you, once again, to take my hand and allow me to show you the easy ways of a master creator. Let me remind you of who you are and let’s travel together into my miracle laboratory and practice molding love into form in an instant. It is time for celebration, it is our time! Cheers dearest hearts!

Until next time. Farewell!

By permission.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.