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Saint Germain via Camilla Nilsson, November 18th, 2018

Saint Germain

November 18th, 2018

Channel: Camilla Nilsson


I have come today to speak of the change processes that are under way on Earth during these times. The development that you are going through can sometimes be experienced as tiresome in the physical human body. These processes of change impact you in all kinds of manners and force some of you to reconsider – see life differently and the surroundings. It is not possible to continue as before.

Collect yourself, oh beautiful human. Collect yourself. Be one with yourself in your light, in your power.

You human on Earth who so assiduously pursue your path forward. I ask you to stop for a moment. Stop the time – the time that only you on Earth measure in order to have control, since you not yet live in full trust – the trust you once had, but lost.

Stop time and imagine that time does not exist. What happens to you then dear human on Earth? What happens to you when you do not have time to fall back on?

Your life is shaped by time – all the planning that takes the shape of time. Everything that must be done before it is too late – all the time limits you set for your existence. Everything must happen within a given time frame.

You dear humans, you often stop yourself from living due to concerns of time and you stop your spontaneity. You make sure you do things before it is too late. These are patterns that you have created in your existence – pattern that set rules for your being. They are patterns that some try to live outside, wishing to go their own way, but who so often are stopped on their path – are being questioned by others.

The patterns are all about shaping the human – put the human in a corral where he/she partially has lost the free will. When each human is in its corral they can be controlled. This is why you have a hard time handling people who do not follow the pattern or should I say the norm. This person becomes in his/her way hard to predict and harder to control.

In order for the human to be free, the pattern must be let go of – the pattern that partially limits the free will and free thinking. The pattern is an obstacle that is necessary to overcome in order for the humans on Earth to be free. Thus we help you to free yourself from the experience of time.

When time does not matter, have no more power over your existence you become free to create your own lives. More and more follow this path. More and more allow themself to let go of the chains of time – the limited time that partially hinders you from following your own path. Follow the voice of your soul. Follow your calling. When you let go of time, loose its power over you, you invite your creativity. This is the creativity to shape your life as feels right for you and not what the norm says. Dare to be the one you are, dare let go of the limitations of the norm, dare to go your own way.

I am Saint Germain and I send light of peace over you all.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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