Love is our new reality

San and Sananda via Angel, October 11th, 2018  

San and Sananda via Angel

October 11th, 2018


Hello beautiful lightbearers, it is San who speaks and with Sananda as support at my side I want to step forward with this important message.

A lightworker is a tireless soul who with all his/her consciousness in each situation, events and thoughts chooses light and love.

A lightworker is a warrior, a noble knight with the greatest of passion, trust and humbleness and who consciously takes each step on his/her individual ascension with a full understanding of each choice along the way, regardless of how little or how much it impacts all of humanity and the planet.

A lightworker bows his to head to himself in a loving and humble gesture to his own unconsciousness and dares to, with much courage, see it and show it to the world. Regardless of how much he/she does not want to identify with it, as she knows the truth and how critical it is that she lives it with every cell in her body.

A lightworker lives to inspire and she knows that she never is fully taught and that God continuously expands her consciousness. There is no specific goal, but eternity and love are goals in themselves.

A lightworker is in the front line of the ascension process and ready to lovingly “die” facing the dark in order to show that the light does not have fear or resistance to it.

A lightworker embraces the dark and humans unconsciousness and let her light and her love shine just as strong without even a little fear or hate.

A lightworker always know the truth and lives each breathe accordingly – for the love, for God and for the Unity.

A lightworker works with the universe for the Universe and sees herself for what she is, as much and as little as everything else.

A lightworker is a soul who consciously has chosen to assist in the ascension process and who each day chooses to stand fully and tall in her light and not spread anything else but love and truth.

Today I want to inspire you to make a decision to really live out your role as a lightworker fully.

Be the lightwarrior that you are meant to be and let us stand side by side with love, patience and an unshakeable consciousness lead humanity homewards.

With all my love and light

San and Sananda.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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