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Socrates via Jacquelyn Fox, October 12th, 2018

October 12th 2018


Session with Socrates for Sananda

Channeled by Jacquelyn Fox (J)


Note from J: Before Socrates begins, I would like to remind everyone that I am now including at the end of each channeling session a small glossary of common terminology that comes through in my readings. I will add to it as I go along. I hope this will be helpful to readers who may be new and unfamiliar with my Master Teachers’ sometimes unusual phrasing.


Socrates is speaking:


“Getting lost in towering plight is very easily done in life. Getting back into alignment with God is not as easily accomplished. In the midst of very heavy plight, Light is hard to see, leading to feelings of abandonment to those who are suffering. Fear of their Light guides forsaking them leads to even greater plight. Educated healers in Light know that lifting those who suffer in life is medically impossible if those who suffer have no hope. Ideas of hopelessness join with ideas of illness in life, gesturing toward long physical limitation. Finding hope leads to healing. Hope unleashes Light into the body. Hope weaves Light into feelings of limitation. In Hope, Light unleashes vitality in both body and mind. If one in the midst of suffering can open hope then the healing of vitality can begin. I will open that hope in you today.


Enlightened spirit minds know that hope-logging heals.”


J: (Interrupting) Please explain what ‘hope-logging’ means.


Socrates: “As you know, ‘logging’ is the sending of intention toward a goal. Hope-logging means pondering in Light about hopeful outcomes in life. This can be done through meditation or divination, it matters not. The goal is to lift hopeful outcomes in one’s mind so those outcomes become more likely to manifest. Logging hopeful life possibilities lifts them into reality. Hearing hopeful Light voices right-mindedly lifting outcomes that deny life-plight helps ideas of hope to take hold in the mind of those suffering. In hope, the sufferer is opening healing within themselves. Just as healthy habits in life promote healing, hopeful thoughts lift healing in Light. Healing begins in Light and then lifts into life reality. No weakness of right-minded, educated spirit healers is more hobbling than is the gearing of healing to only ideas of seeking physical health. Ideas of hope must be logged in Light to open the channel of Light healing within the body. If this channel is not opened no healing can be successful. Opening hope in the mind opens that channel. Ending the heavy flow of plight begins with opening a trickle of hope into the mind. Enlightened healers in spirit understand this: Logging truth is important, but logging hopeful possibilities is crucial in Light healing. In hope lies healing, it is as simple as that.


Now, I will pick on J a bit. Her mental response to this is an unenthusiastic ‘Oh joy,’ but I am going ahead anyway. Kind-hearted J holds herself responsible for the happiness of others. This is a misguided notion held by many in life, especially those who are Light sensitives. This belief always leads to suffering in life because one cannot open happiness, healing and love in others unless others help lift those feelings within themselves. Life happiness is found within. It is independent of the thoughts or actions of others. J understands this in her mind but in her life experience she distances herself from hope in a misguided effort to make others happy. Hunting for long happiness in life when life holds no visions of delightful possibilities is a fruitless quest. J waits for her turn at happiness, but heaviness grows instead. Just as some of you reading this, J worries over life events, chaos and division, and longs to lift healing to the world. J worries over her family and friends in life, lugging their troubles for them. Hope in her own life happiness has suffered because of this. Long have I have known J in Light, and I know her higher self in Light. Her higher self promotes only Light, love and happiness. It does not promote the mode of guilt J lives in her life. I hear her higher self worry that J will not live her life’s higher purpose because of her focus on guilt in life. Guilt keeps her from right-minded focus on herself in life. I voice my great hope now that J will turn away from guilt and embrace hope. Hope for her own happiness in life. Eagerly, I look forward to J’s rightful hope-filled life.

I lift the same hope that you reading this will see yourselves in J, and frightening though it may be, kick out ideas of guilt and self-sacrifice. These ideas are not in alignment with God in Light. They align only with life suffering. Lift hope in your minds through pondering gentle, delightful life possibilities with your guides. Hold on to these bright possibilities and put your hope in them. Doing so will lift Light in their direction and bring them into your experience. Do not let the voices of life reality hamper your hope. Hold fast to it. Light is always supporting you in hope.”


You can connect with Jacquelyn, and her Master Teachers, via her website at A book of her channelings, “LIGHT LESSONS: Wisdom for Light Workers from Master Teachers in Light” is also available on Amazon.


Glossary of common terms and their meanings:

Light – This term is used in multiple ways. Often it is used to describe the existence beyond physical life, commonly referred to as “Heaven” or the afterlife. They also use it to describe spiritual energy or consciousness, the energy that makes up everything that exists. They also use it to describe a state of positive, enlightened existence in alignment with God. They also tend to use it as a name for the collective enlightened consciousness, the guides, teachers and masters in spirit who reach out to us.

Night-light – They use this term to describe anything, living or in spirit, that is not in alignment with God. Not a positive state, but rather one of sadness, fear, anger or any other kind of suffering. “Night-light spirits” are spirits in a state of negative emotions and suffering, not aligned with peace and happiness. They are in need of healing.

Light Pondering – Light pondering is the quieting of the mind to allow ideas of spirit to enter, through meditation, divination or dream work.

Light Minds – Light minds in life are those people living who have a mind-connection to spirit: mediums, intuitives and other lightworkers.

Loitering Spirits – Spirits in a state of night-light who are attracted to the energy of the living.

Logging – A term that describes the pinning of intention to effect change in one’s experience. Logging, in teaching vernacular, is the sending of intention toward a goal.