San and Sananda via Angel, October 9th, 2018

San and Sananda via Angel

October 9th, 2018


Good evening beautiful lightbearers,

This evening it is I San who speaks and with Sananda invited at my side I hope to give you a few words of solace and love. To be capable of feeling compassion for yourself and other people is of utmost importance now when you over and over again encounter your inner feelings and behavior patterns that with all its power fight for their lives.

Oh, beautiful souls, do not be hard on yourselves and on those people who in a natural way reflect the aspects of yourselves that you need to encounter. The love of the heart has no limits, no requirements, no expectations and no thoughts – its quiet, but active existence of total unity love and its flow cannot be stopped. It overcomes everything. It exists everywhere and is our true and total sole nature.

Everything else that arouses feelings in you are things that you yourselves need to work on. It is the universe that show you the way home – home to yourselves through yourselves and through others who also are you. In the end beautiful warriors there is nothing else but love and more love.

So, embrace yourselves, embrace your feelings and all people who reflect the most unaware thoughts inside you, and see them for what they actually are, your biggest opportunity to freedom, love and ascension.

It is in your hearts and through your hearts that you find the way home and the way home is here on Earth right now. Home is always where you are and always with you – home cannot be lost. It is your innermost and true nature. Home is your whole being and unity with all that is.

I can see how many of you walk around and wait for the big revelation, but dear friends of the light it will always be your own work that takes you home. And we need you lightbearers and conscious souls. Mother Earth needs you and the whole humanity needs you.

It is of utmost importance that you in all situations choose the light, love, forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance and compassion. You are the big event on Earth and it is time you show your full strength and live up to the courage that we so clearly can see in you.

We know that you will take the planet the whole way home. You beautiful humans on Earth are the ones who will do it. So stand tall and take on gears of love and show the world what home really is.

With the greatest love and light

San and Sananda