Mother Mary via Zane, October 10th, 2018

I Am Mother Mary, Divine Mother of All Things in this Universe and Mother of my beautiful Earth children. I Am here to provide the love and support to bring you to the other side of this storm, for there will be many seeking that love and support once the truth is revealed. You may find it to be too heavy of a weight to carry by yourself, but now dear children, my precious children of light, you don’t need to lift it all yourselves, there is so much help right beside you if you were to just stop for a moment and ask, if you were to just ask, we will assist as that is what we do, we serve, and dear children that is what you are about to do. You are to be of service to those who are shaken by the truth and find themselves lost within the storm. You are the beacons of light, you are my beacons of light and I Am here to support you all, you must ask though as we do not intrude. So please reach out and hold my hand, ask for assistance and we will guide you with ease across the rocky seas. We are with you more now than ever so please ask for our help and guidance. I Am Mother Mary, your Mother, Mother of All and I love and support you.