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Fransiscus via Beatrice Madsen, October 1st, 2018


October 1st, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


Dear brothers and sisters, it is with such deep joy that I contact you again on this level of consciousness. I have met many, many of you during earlier incarnations and some of you on other planes than the earthly plane.

Yes, it is true we are on our way up in vibration and it is no pick-nick to make this journey and/or be in the vanguard. Dear brothers and sisters this hurts. It hurts and it is fantastic at the same time. See yourselves as butterflies who develop out of their cocoon. Really look at this butterfly process that you can see in all your media. Do you understand that it is a very, very large process?

To leave the old larva state and to come out as a splendid beauty – to feel one has “wings”, large, beautiful or not so quick. The wings have patterns and colors you did not know you had – strong colors and grey and drab all according to your own personality, and all equally valuable. You develop them and they must dry and adjust according to the climate and then as newborn a little confused you take off and realize you can fly.

Think of the butterfly dear sisters and brothers – think about how she sits in the tree and looks at her left behind larva body. I was in it just recently she thinks. In it I progressed with difficulty – could feel each sharp stone and each sharp needle. I could not see much, but I struggled on in my heavy body. That was then, but this is me NOW. She did not need to die physically, but goes through this process in life. This is you brothers and sisters – it is you. The larva is your third density and the butterfly is your fifth density. The butterfly, the human, that realizes that she is multidimensional and together with other winged beings. The larva could not see it. He might possibly be eaten just as you more easily were victims to predators in your third density. Now you can like a soulful butterfly take off when predators want your soul. The predator cannot fly. You brother and you sister lift with your heart power and your light – you lift off and send a greeting that you are sorry dear predator, but I no longer serve as your food. Now I must live in the higher spheres and you will have to enter other hunting fields. You can look at the predator from the top of a tree with sorrow and compassion. You know who heavy it is for him down there in his frustration and from your light and boldness he shrinks to the size of a thumbnail, while yet furious that he could not devour you. Beloved brother and sister I want to speak more with you and I will be back, but I am in a queue.

Your formal, loving co-brother Fransiscus.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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