Sananda/Jesus via Ann Dahlberg, July 8, 2019



July 8, 2019

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Christ and today I have come to keep you company during a turbulent time that many find themselves in within themselves. I am here to calm the waves and to facilitate for you to see the light cascades of water. There are many who seek and try to understand what it is that is happening in their lives now. It appears as if some feel that they have lost their footing and that they confused look around.

This is only a part of the process of letting go of old patterns so that new patterns can emerge – patterns of a lighter and more happy color that give you more joy and freedom in your life. Changes most often happen in connection with chaos and turbulence. Something needs to be shaken about an cease before something new can be discerned.

Some might already have gone through this phase in their lives and can in calmer way receive these waves of light that now are streaming towards Earth. However, there is nobody that cannot be affected in one way or another. Changes happen in your lives now dear humans on Earth. It can be small changes or it can be big changes. Some are not very noticeable, while others turn your lives upside down on some level. The best way to handle this is to be in the now in your hearts and let what will happen happen. It is in your acceptance of letting life form you that you can face all changes in a new way, which allows you to ride out the storm without much trouble. It is in your resistance that life can appear as heavy and hard. Let go of your melancholy and put your troubles in God’s hands and he will lead you to your correct path and there you will once again find the light and love in your life.

Do not be disheartened dear friends – after chaos and turbulence the light will come through. Above the sun there is always a sun and it shines clearly and warm from a place where the entirety can be viewed. That which is happening is for your best and that of Earth so that your largest and most beautiful potential can be brought out. Within you resides a light and beautiful master with creative abilities to create a world of light and love. It is to this being of light that the light is turning so that it again will direct your lives with light and love in your heart and mind. This will not happen if you continue in the same tracks. The tracks need to be shaken up and go another way in order for new and better perceptions can appear and change life for you and your fellow humans. Nothing happens by itself – sometimes a helping hand is needed that shakes up the perceptions so that new ones can appear.

In the time that you live in now things happen all the time and new inventions are developed, one after another. Thoughts and creativity are seething. However, if you cannot go outside of the box of the familiar humanity is still stuck. The spiritual perspective needs to be incorporated in the scientific perspective if you are to get a comprehensive perspective. Life on Earth and in the Universe are seething – lives that must be considered and respected. One thing cannot be without another in the modern world you live in today. Many researchers are in agreement about this today, but it has not yet received enough momentum and this is why this turbulence is appearing in your world. The cold of materialism must be mixed with the warmth of spirituality so that common sense again can prevail in the world. It is common sense that lives in the truth that exists in your Holy Self and the Holy Self exists in each living being on the planet. It is your Holy Self that now is to have a larger space in your life and this is also true for your planet. You ascend together up to the highest heights of yourselves and thus form a new world to live in. It is a world of love and light where darkness dare not enter.

It is to here that I follow you. It is to here that I guide you. It is here that truth and common sense resides.

Much love,

Jesus Christ




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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