Ashtar via Kerstin Sisilla, July 6th, 2019


July 6th, 2019

Channel Kerstin Sisilla


Hello Friends, Commander Ashtar here.

We are close to you. We follow developments on planet Gaia with great excitement and delight. What will happen and is predicted to happen is happening now. You are letting it happen. You are supporting the course of events through your way of being. You ARE and flow with the energies without thinking. We are grateful for this as you being in the now allows everything to open up. When all truths come to the surface it might mean fear for the unknown (forgotten) with those that are still sleeping. However, you light warriors and light bearers that have left the fear behind and long for change you will manage to stand strong in the eye of the storm. Together you are strong, you pursue your purpose and you know you are on your way home again, since you are beginning to remember.

Many of you are visiting us on the ships both now and then, in spite of the fact that you do not always remember it afterwards. You can feel and you recognize our energies. You understand that how we look does not matter, in spite of the fact that some of us look nothing like you Earth Humans. Some of you have earlier had unpleasant meetings with extraterrestrials, but now you remember that it is the inside that counts and not the looks. Even those of us who, according to you, look like preying mantis, hairy ape people, blue giants or whatever forms they have chosen to appear in can radiate God’s goodness and love – and you have understood this. This gives us much joy, since it also means that you more easily accept the different races, skin colors and other differences all over the Earth. We have all the same worth in the eyes of God, both on Earth and in the Universe.

We are starting to openly be in touch with you – those that are ready and open for this. As this is the way it is – you who have opened your eyes to see can see us. And you who seek to have contact with us with an open heart can now achieve this connection, directly or indirectly – whichever suits the circumstances. When our presence and existence become better known by the great mass of people we can reconnect our connection with all of you and work together on a more general level. This time is coming, be sure of it, within a not too distant future.

We long for this reunion, just as many of you, dear brothers and sisters, do. We admire you and we love you all dear friends.

The Galactic Federation through Ashtar, all of yours brother and friend.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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