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Sananda Meditation via Jennyli Gustavsson, June 17th, 2020

Sananda Meditation

June 17th, 2020

Channel – Jennyli Gustavsson


The real state is the eternal quotes that create hearing in your soul and your heart. You sometimes need to stop and feel how your body lets go of all the activities in existence. You need to stop and let these work out of the body. The only true state of eternity is a single conscious breath away. Let go of what your body thinks it has to do. Let’s take care of what is heavy that you carry. Enable us to reach you by feeling in your body how it feels. Also feel for how it feels in the heart. May the heart let go of all “musts”. The real condition does not care if you have some dust in the corners, or if the food is ready on the table for a certain time. The true state only cares if you breathe consciously, and allows the soul to respond to the uplifting nourishment of the eternal constants.

Therefore, let us lead you along the path that allows you to discern the true state within you. Take a sigh of relief and feel how your heart is finally at rest. You have turned away from the road that leads to the true state. When you feel tired of work, remember that we help you lift the burden. Remember that the power that comes to you as you sleep comes from the eternal state. Remember that the knowledge that you carry in your interior comes from this state. To really get there, and find peace, follow the knowledge back to where it comes from. Follow the thread of knowledge, and you will find back to the source of knowledge.

See yourself as a yarn seam. Now it’s time to gather yourself again. The long thread is there so you never lose the source of eternal knowledge. Imagine sitting with the thread in your hand. Many, many miles, the thread has been rolled out, and you still hold on to the far end. You know inside you that you can always wind up the thread and find back to your origin. This is where you find power and rest. It is when you have wrapped up your whole nuance that you can come back to the creation vision and see the true image of yourself, the blueprint that was created in the beginning to stage a paradise on mother earth.

Grab the thread you are holding in your hand, and start winding it up to a ball. Would it get stuck somewhere along the way, stop, and feel inside you what the resistance is all about. Meet the resistance with forgiveness and understanding. You can give yourself the understanding you previously could not. You can give yourself the understanding we give you now. When you see a resistance is discovered along the wire, back in time, then you can understand yourself from a new perspective, and from a new light. Forgive yourself, because you thought you were to blame. Forgive yourself for thinking you were responsible. The only responsibility you have in this life is to heal, once and for all. Your responsibility is to see the truth that lies there at the beginning of the thread. The truth is being discovered the more you innovate in the thread.

My advice to you is to sit or lie down and breathe consciously every day. Feel how the body responds to the eternal energies for each breath you take. And feel how you get help releasing the heavy hardships your body has taken on during the day. Then start slowly digging into your thread, back to your origin, to your blueprint, which is the raw copy from which your soul is made. When you come across a knot, or a resistor, turn the knot over a few times and observe what it is about. Then take a sigh of relief, and forgive yourself. Give yourself the understanding you lacked when the knot was tied. This work is an important work in order to heal. It is important to dissolve one’s knots, in order for the thread to run freely from time to eternity.

Everything has a meaning. Should a knot be revealed that you apparently can not dissolve, do not despair! A knot may not be loosened immediately. But a knot always disappears sooner or later if it has come to light, and been seen. It simply cannot withstand the light, because it constantly believed it was wrong. When you see the knot, and understand why it is there, then the guilt releases, and thus the liberation from what is tangled begins. The healing of your eternal soul, which is in a temporal body, is the mission of this time. It is important to follow the thread of your own soul back to the origin, in order to dissolve all knots. Then the ascent remains. It is a magical sight to see your people rise in vibration and create a new higher dimension for you to be in, and love in. It is a beautiful sight, my dear allies on Mother Earth.

Thus, meet the original image of yourself, there at the end of the thread. See yourself, and marvel at your magnificence and your beauty. What a beautiful sight it is to revisit the eternal and true image of one self. That’s how you will also understand who I am. You and I have the same blueprint. We are created after the same raw copy. You and I are twin souls. You have a beautiful and eternal name to stand up to. Do your will, as in Heaven, and on Earth. I bow and thank you for obeying my words, and dare to see yourself for who you really are in your very essence. Guilt and shame should release its grip on you, for every knot you loosen, and your soul should be free to rise in frequency and take the world with you.

Your work contributes to the creation of a paradise on Earth. Your healing process benefits all life on Earth. So do not hesitate to illuminate the knots that are hidden in the dark. They can’t hurt you. Their existence is only dependent on the fact that they are still in the dark. As soon as they get light, they start to dissolve. They swell and burst like a troll in the sunshine. Breathe a sigh of relief, and feel that the thread you hold in your hand is the key to your healing process, and to finding your way back to the true state from which all life flows. You and I are created from the same raw copy. We are one and the same. Constantly surrounded by the highest divine light, for eternity.


Jesus Christ, in the True Spirit.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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