Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Genoveva Coyle, July 30th, 2018


Can you laugh off your worries and fears with me in this moment? Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my dearest brothers and sisters! Greetings! I AM Jesus Sananda, I AM your brother and closest friend.

I come today, and every day, so that I can step in to speak and sit with you, to bring you peace and love. I want to bring you my reassurance that all is well in your world no matter how rocky and bumpy your road of travel might be. There are many changes knocking on your door, and old issues are coming up rapidly for thee, asking you to let go of them, to purify their energy, and then to shift your entire beingness into a higher vibration.

I am asking you to look briefly at them, and then let them go, thus finding your peace rapidly without allowing your egos to intervene and stall you. I am asking you to call on me to assist you in clarifying them before you get too overwhelmed. Do not get confused or discombobulated, for you are not getting lost nor are you taking any type of scenic detour.

I am asking you to remember that this is a lifetime in which we are working together as a team to assist the entire human collective in this process of collective ascension. This is not only your mission but our mission as well. As you can see, you need to let go of any false sense of pride or silly need to prove yourselves by attempting to do it all alone. You need to turn to me, when in need, so I can uplift thee and take you into that place of knowing and serenity, the place of unity with the Mother/Father/ God, where there is only love.

Right now I want to sit with you around that sacred tri-flame and hold you in my peace and in my love. I want to show you how to create that space of serenity and surrender in your knowing so that even in the midst of turmoil you can trust that you know you are safe and that you always know what to do next.

Can you smile now and see that every single time you needed to change course and direction, and/or, over time, you needed to grow and expand, my assistance was always present for you? Can you laugh off your worries and fears with me in this moment? It is quite hilarious to see how the human mind never finds the most beneficial way to get you out of your limitations. Let go of the seriousness and rigidity of your human minds!

This is why we are saying to thee that you have to relinquish all expectations and let go of trying to solve current challenges with old knowledge. Focus on what you need and desire, but not on how to get it. Trust that the means that you need will be brought to you effortlessly and gracefully. Yes, you need to be open to all the possibilities and options, yes, you need to use discernment and to take some actions, but trust that the answers are always with and within you – only a telepathic call, or a loud prayer, or a “deep breath taking” away.

Dear brother and sisters, you are powerful creators. Yes, we are co-creators, but it is still you that need to understand that your high vibrations bring to you that bright reality that you are working on, in your dreams, in your meditations, and in your visualizations. When you allow negative events or thoughts to bring you down, when you build on doubting yourselves, then your progress comes to a halt.

Look for me in every soul that comes to you, call on me and know that I am always with thee.

I will leave you with my love and eternal peace and trust! Farewell!

By Permission.

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