Sananda via Karen Vivenzio, June 25th, 2019


Sananda via Karen Vivenzio

Holy child, sister, friend – I am Sananda here with you again. I praise you for reaching out to me in remembrance of many lifetimes spent in devotion to the cause sometimes with ceremony and circumstance, in other notions not stored up in so many facts. For the historians tell you a story – that is all it is. For true communion with the divine it must move beyond said facts and into the realm of feeling – of acknowledgement through your own heart and soul an inner knowing that moves beyond the veil of perception and into the world of inner truth, of inner sanctity, of sweet Mother’s womb.

It is here in the darkness and comfort of your own inner world that you can see beyond the veil of doubt and fear and move away from despair. For the outer world is where the comparisons take place, where the outer appearances are all out of place. For what matters, what is real, is how you feel. That is the beauty of being human, to have the opportunity to explore many emotions. The ups and downs and in betweens, that is what being human means. How flat and boring it would be to roll along in life without an emotion, without a fragment of devotion. It is your passion, your purpose that fills your life with love. A demonstration of devotion – a passionate fragment of what it means to be one with the universe and yet on your own. An independence born of your capacity to feel and to act upon those feelings that brings you into the realm of your own inner world.

It is not so much that you need to pray, but that you need to play. You need to feel the joy that you want to bring into the world. You need to be an open conduit for the emotions that you seek to experience and then to spread the wealth of love that flows from within. It is not enough to pray if you do not feel what you say. If you do not experience it like the air that you breathe, it cannot come to be. For the energy moves through you out into the world of form. Through you means through your emotions – the water of imagination in its many forms.

So sit still and allow the emotions to move through you. It is not about being perfect but allowing the imperfections to show themselves then move on. It is not to be stagnant with worry and fear but to flow with the love of the atmosphere.

What I showed you, in my lifetime as Jesus, is to move through the emotions of whatever life presents and to rise above it again and again. Allow the circumstance to appear and then to flow through you wherever it needs to in order to clear. When the storm passes, you will suddenly see beyond the clouds of perception in to the beautiful green of the living trees. As the trees stand tall, rooted in the ground, swaying with the storms that rage around them, so shall you stand tall and weather it all. You cannot block the winds of change, but embrace them and nourish them you may.

Sway with the light and the tides of change march on.

Envelope yourself in a blanket of love and watch yourself sway as the music turns on.

Filling your heart and your soul with the deep abiding love of the symphonies of light that dance on.

Allow the vibration of the sweet music to embrace you, unravelling your defenses and enlivening your senses. As you become fully awake, know without a shadow of a doubt that this life this light this vivre de joie is yours to embrace and employ. To allow you to see with brightened new eyes and to take on the fortune you so design.

For life is yours for the taking and all what you make it.

So say your prayers but feel them fully my dears, and know deep within the vibration you are now resonating in. It is your creation, your design, it is mine to simply oblige – to allow the light to shine and to provide safe sanctuary from the darkest times.

For wallowing in the past is not the way to build a life that lasts. When things go beyond right circumstance look to the path that will last. Build a life and a faith that walks a smoother path, allowing the ebbs and flows to move freely without blocking or seeking but just by being.

With love in my heart to all of you dears, my angels depart – sailing ahead. I wait and I wonder for you to sit in my lap, all of your troubles and sorrows, and take a nap. Rest dearest children of light, for you have had a wonderful fright. Now is the time to push fear aside and wake up to the knowing of where I reside so shall you my child. Open your heart, put your hands in mine, and take a bow, for this lifetime is moving aside and you are stepping more fully into your emblazoned new paradigm. It is time for you to fly. It is time for you to fly.

For I AM Sananda and I AM your guide.


With love, light and blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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