Vivamus via Kerstin Sisilla, June 24th, 2019


Vivamus/Sanat Kumara

June 24th, 2019

Channel Kerstin Sisilla


I, Vivamus, is looking to connect with you humans on Earth. It is time for you to live your lives with ease. You have thrown off the largest part of your old trash and left it behind you. You have cleansed layer after layer after layer of old junk and you can now exchange it for Light.

You have always carried the light, deep down in your core, but oh how well some of you have hidden it. Know that you also have cleansed from earlier incarnations, numerous ones. You might thus feel that things you previously have worked on has come back, but the cleansing has been toned in many different layers and has been necessary for your advancement.

It gives me joy to see how you now stand proud in your glory and beauty and look out over a world in change – a world in the middle of a fantastic transformation. A miracle. Realize that it is you who is the miracle. It is you humans that have made this possible. You have the full support of the Creator and the Universe, but it is you humans that have done the hard work. Without your participation the outcome would have been another one, which I hope you understand in your beautiful hearts. Us here where I am feel a great pride and gratefulness for your participation. Understand that the day and the moment is here now when Gaia’s freedom has arrived. From here on out your planet looks more and more like a shining star now when the love energies / Christ energies steadily are growing. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy the beauty and love energies on the path during your continuing journey. The Christ energies are in full motion between you humans, between your heart and the heart of Gaia, and thus between all of the elements of Earth and in animals and nature.

I, Vivamus, wish you all a nice journey. I love all of you and am your constant follower and cheerleader.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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