Seth via Beatrice Madsen, June 23, 2019


June 23, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


A new type of sense of responsibility has matured among humanity:

“The certainty that what you do, think and feel impacts your surroundings.”

This is very joyful. This is the beginning of the new times. You start to take responsibility for real for your feelings, your actions, your relationships and the wellbeing of the planet.

The responsibility is at multiple levels. Some of you have lived in this responsibility and can now rejoice that so many now are following along. Yet, others are not there yet, but the more you are who realizes this the more will follow you and have you as a role model. During many decennium the knowledge and knowing was in the area of feelings. You have learned to understand the relationship between childhood, trauma and relationships – that you can go back to the core, the wound and be healed and heal painful relationships. There is nothing strange with putting your feelings on the agenda and receive help with them. A hundred years ago this was not at all evident. You would then have been regarded as somewhat crazy, self absorbed and plain ridiculous if you listened to and prioritized your feelings, trauma and processes. Today you have the greatness to listen to your inner wounds and understand that even there there is a power source to draw from. Of course, some of you can go on a side track and get inverted egos and use your feelings in an incorrect way, manipulative way, but in the end it will lead you to the right way.

Now the time is here for you to see, experience and feel that you stand on your own two feet. You make your own decisions based on thought and feelings – the inner marriage, which means that you can embrace your decisions with a feeling of responsibility in a more stable fashion. It also is no longer sustainable to blame others time and again. “She said, he hurt me, it is the fault of this one or that one that I feel bad and do as I do”. By all means it is true that you are being hurt time and again, disappointed and insulted – you become angry and sad. Feel in this feeling, for god’s sake. If necessary communicate this feeling to the one that has disturbed you, but do not get stuck in this feeling. Let it go, feel a bigger understanding and closeness and move on.

Be magnanimous. See the larger picture. Take responsibility and do your best. Nothing more than this is really required.

From this side we can see what extraordinary work you do and have done. We are so proud of you that we can burst. You are making it. You are really trying and even if you fall you are soon back on your feet again. You try to see things from several angles and from the view of others’ heads and not only your own view. Listen to each other. Se each others good abilities and work together for a better world. You are well on your route.

Seth is the name.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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