Sanat Kumara via Kerstin Sisilla, April 22nd, 2019

Sanat Kumara

April 22nd, 2019

Channel Kerstin Sisilla

I am Sanat Kumara. Dearest friends, remember that the Truth will always win. Also, the Light wins over the dark as nothing else is possible. This is the law of the Universe.

Attacks that are made when your different religions are practiced are all attempts to put you out of balance in order to get you to see other people as your enemies. Try to raise your vision higher Humans and see that you are all One Live in love to your fellow human, show compassion and sympathy for those that are suffering regardless of their ethnic origin or religion. Father God and Mother God are pure love energies. The different religions were originally pure and truthful before they were twisted by those hungry for power.

Do not let the attempt of those that are hungry for power divide you up into “you and them”, in different faces, religions and countries impact you. Stand strong together for you’re the sake of your Mother Earth planet. Experience the strong love between you and Gaia, nature and animals. Experience the fantastic profound transformation of all of you and all life on Earth that is now taking place.

The Christian Easter celebration is a symbol for love and resurrection. Those that were killed in Sri Lanka during the weekend regain their Higher Self and thus ascend up higher in the dimensions closer to Father and Mother God. They come home to love and security, since the concept of death is something invited on Earth – it is also a redefinition by the power hungry of humanity’s constant metamorphosis. If and when the now dead ones can return to Earth when they wish to do so. The chocked family members left on Earth will however need your support in the form of love, sympathy and care.

Do not let any whatsoever attacks started by power greedy impact you and make you fall down in fear. Fear is what they thrive on and have done so during a much too long time. Also the poor manipulate that are used as tools in their atrocities are controlled by fear. Love, only pure love is the solution to everything. This was also Sananda’s message when he walked the Earth as Jesus. He was the apostle of Love and Christ energies. The guilt that was placed on the shoulders of the people by the priesthood was not his message, only forgiveness and love.

Lightworkers, stand strong in your love that is now being tested. Seek each other’s hands and energies all around Earth – unite in light and love for the sake of your beloved planet. Propagate light and love all around the Earth, over mountains, oceans and the borders between countries. We are all One. Let the light and love grow and shine into Gaia who now is ready to shake off the residues that cannot be transformed to light. Help her by sending your clear and shining light and pure love to attempt to dissolve and transform everything that is possible to transform and return to the light.

Use the Christ energies and do what you came here to do, beloved and admired friends.

Sanat Kumara