Message from Jesus/Sananda via Camilla Nilsson, April 20th, 2019

Message from Jesus/Sananda

April 20th, 2019

Channel: Camilla Nilsson


My friends,

I embrace you with the energy of love as I did when I walked on Earth – My earthly life when I tried to show you the path of love. I followed it, but was stopped. I was stopped by fears.

That I was going to test and challenge these souls I knew already when I came down. I knew this already when I assumed my mission to show the path of love.

Even if the wandering on my path of love was rapidly terminated in the physical I have continued to walk on the same path as I know it is the right path to follow I have functioned from my side of the illusion year after year – woken up souls.

I have woken up souls and showed them the path of love. Some have walked the path of love from their birth. Others have found it in different ways during their life journey – some consciously other unconsciously. Some have woken up suddenly and maybe this awakening has been preceded by some difficult event in life or maybe not.

We who live and function in the illusion can see the beautiful inner lights being lit – the life that is changing and never become the same again, exactly as it should be.

The inner light is so beautiful – so beautiful. It cannot be described I words. It is overwhelming. For each light that we see being lit something happens with us too – Our worlds come closer and closer. We can feel how we are invited to help you. We are invited to help to stand steady on the path of love – to not doubt and question but to see what is natural and beautiful. To see how life is lit and assumes a greater scale of colors – more nuances.

Perhaps humans have earlier lived in the black and white world, but then the insight that life is greater than that arrives – choices appear.

Humans now see themselves from a new and beautiful perspective – it so so beautiful.

You dear human allow yourself to live and be guided on the path of love. Feel that it is the true path. The path that allows you to see lives all nuances – the beautiful path.

I am with you.

In love and understanding!

Jesus, Sananda






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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