Ashtar via Beatrice Madsen, April 20th, 2019


April 20th, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


Recognize your greatness as humans. It is in among other things in your great ability of compassion and development for the whole group and everything alive. You are very very complex beings. You are as complex as the dear planet you live on. Like her various nature types you have abilities and emotional states of equally varying kinds. Nevertheless you share the human experience with each other and can always meet in this unity, regardless of skin colors, gender or political adhesion.

The material human is in the process of changing to see her self as an energy being. Everything is energy. You say so over and over again right now until it can be understood by most and the majority can start to act accordingly. Eventually those that see human beings as only material will fall behind and feel left by the wayside with something old fashion. It is old fashion in that they will no longer be listened to. Hordes of young people will appear who with certainty know that human beings are energy beings, just as everything around her. She is immortal and must be respected accordingly, just as her tender Mother Earth.

In the end one will laugh at the notion that human beings consist only of material and the idea that she is lost when she goes through the portal of death. Thanks to the new way of looking at human beings and everything around her as energy the responsibility of her actions is also changed together with the perception of cause and effect.

New solutions to heat management, water preparation, and energy consumption are on the rise. However, they can only be introduced in unison of the raise of your higher consciousness and it synchronized with this – so you set the pace.

The great awakening is painful as so much darkness becomes visible to a humanity who thought they new what was right and wrong. The light shines on the trolls who burst one after another and one is more horrible than the next. Lighworkers are one step ahead in order to lead the process and we support you from this horizon day and night.

You are brave each one of you and we can large battles, but we can say that the party has started.

Your ever present Ashtar Command.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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