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Sarah via Ann Dahlberg, May 18th, 2018


Friday, May 18th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Sarah and I am here today to speak about how important the family is. One must protect and shield one’s family and take care of it from a clear and mature perspective. If the ego is in the driver’s seat it can become a skewed allocation of attention to your own family. It can become so that you put yourself first. If you then have a strong ego you can easily then push down the other one. You want to have the spotlight on yourself. Nobody is actually doing very well in such a relationship. It is lacking in self-confidence and self-distance. If you have good self-confidence you do not need to have anybody who looks up to you all the time. You are as you are and you do your best so that you yourself and your family will feel as well as possible. You do not judge yourself or others. You have respect both for yourself and others. You live in a relationship of equals with the one that you have chosen to share your life with. If you still would want to split up you do so because you have grown apart and there is no fighting about it. You try to make it as good as possible for all involved.

Many relationships crash today because a large ego is involved. It becomes a power situation that is hard to handle and there is always somebody who gets hurt. This comes up to the surface now, to be seen and to get you to understand, what you need to work on. It is love for yourselves that is the answer to many of your problems. You need to build up your self-esteem so that you know and understand that you are valuable. Nobody can then any longer push you down and nobody needs any longer to push down anybody else. You will find a similar relationship again if you do not work with this part of yourself. An adult man or woman have a responsibility towards themselves and their children to grow out of their children’s shoes of ego and to find your own strength and power – To stand on your own and be able to take responsibility for your own actions. Courage is required, but it is worth every effort, as you will win back yourself. You will win back your own strength and force and you will know that you only answer to yourself. What others say about you has no importance. You do not need their approval, since you know who you are and you are secure in being yourself. You know that you have your path to follow and others have their own path. Sometimes your paths cross, but you no longer let others influence you. You follow your own path with the help of guidance in your heart. You know that nobody is better or lesser than anybody else and that life has formed us to those we are.

It is we ourselves who decide if we want to grow as fellow humans or if we want to remain as children and demand all attention as a child needs. In order to grow we need to see our own shortcomings, accept and forgive them, in order to then take a step in another direction – Achieve a larger understanding and compassion for all living beings around us. We must also understand that we are not victims, but a grown human being who can make his/her own decisions. We do this as we forgive ourselves and forgive others that we feel have hurt us. We give thanks for the experience and move on in life with a larger self-esteem and stronger self-confidence. I am worth all the love and respect that I can receive.

There are many of you who are halting today. Take good care of yourselves and give yourselves the love and respect you deserve. Silence the ego, which talks about all things negative that you have done and experienced. Instead listen to the silent voice in your heart that says you are good, loving and have all the strength needed in order to advance on your own path now. You all might need a helping hand, but your inner strength nobody can take away from you. It is there and is only waiting for you to find it. I say as many have said before me. You have everything within you. The seeker will find his/her treasure and a more valuable treasure you cannot find anywhere else than within yourselves. In your heart you have all the help you ever may need. You have the chance to grow to a large tree thanks to each setback that you meet in life.

I can feel your sorrow and joy. I have met both in my lives on Earth. I know that the strength is there and that you can overcome the difficulties that you meet there, where you can find both self-awareness and love for yourselves. Do not let life push you down. Let life nurture hope in your veins, so that it becomes a song and joy for you and others that you meet on your path.

I am Sarah and I love you so much.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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