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Seth via Beatrice Madsen, March 9th, 2019


March 9th, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen

I say so again – I am as misunderstood as Judas is. Many of you become skeptical when I come through and this is completely understandable. You should test, be critical and not unsorted absorb everything that is said and written. Think for yourself, feel and test. Let it rest, take it in again and feel if it is true in your hearts. You are forerunners and you are the ones who prepare and sweep clean literally for the large masses that are following behind. Your task is incredibly large and your song will echo in the ether like the playing of angels in an era that so much need it.

My task once upon a time was to ignite drama, in a deeper sense in the same way as Judas. My role was very important and now you can say that my karma (smiling) is to help humanity to if possible play down drama. My long term intention is to through this channel write a book regarding this, if her free will accepts this. Eventually I will wait for a Yes or No from her, but the time is far from ripe.

It might be hard to believe, but it is time for a milder movement on the planet. A warmer wind, which does not mean that you should feel less or be more insipid. It can sound like this, but it means that the drama does not need to be so powerful as it has been in order to enable teaching or a lesson.

You become finetuned. This means that your frequency that much faster picks up on each others state of mind without it having to become so dramatic, Eventually you will be able to communicate with each others through telepathy. However, we are far from this. The first step towards telepathic communication is that you feel each other’s feelings. This is delicate because it also enables projections. You need clarity and do not be afraid and do not be afraid to straighten out what you pick up regarding each so that you do not get stuck in projections.

You are very very complex beings. The greatness of your complexity would take a long time to explain and it is also not completely possible to do from here. However, I Seth, want to honor it. It makes you into active co-creators and in the friction between your complex characteristics creativity is born and you are in truth co-creators and larger than can be fathomed my friends.

You all have your tasks to fill just as I had once. Dear ones, I want to say, love your task and what you are. Nobody is bigger or smaller than anybody else. You have so many evaluations of status and rank what you do and are, but this is also one of the thought patterns that will fall as you become more finetuned.

My wish is that you see animal species as your teachers and masters in your journey towards downplaying and becoming more finetuned. These animals are the elephants and the whales. They exist at a high frequency and are the great frequency holders of Mother Earth. They are completely telepathic and have a very advanced emotional life. Both animals communicate with each other from great distances – telepathically. They allow their feelings to flow, but if they are not subjected for too great a pressure they react completely according to their intention and wishes. They just as you have during such a long time been exposed to abuse and enslavement, but they have not lost touch with their roots, but vibrate completely in harmony with Mother Earth. At this moment one of the species is in the process of deciding if they should rest for a while from incarnating on Mother Earth as their souls are so tired and worn. Maybe only active deeds of love can save their original good intentions.

I want to express myself this way through the channel – take it easy dear ones. Know that you prepare for the planet and that you are remaking the bed, sweep and clean literally speaking for it to become cleaner, more peaceful, more calm and several octaves higher.

Seth has spoken



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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