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Shechina: The Joy of Hope April 7, 2024

Shechina: The Joy of Hope

by Lee Degani

We all have those times when we seem to lose Hope. And lately, I have certainly been hearing this from people. Here is a beautiful message from Shechina, the Divine Mother that brings us back to this beautiful gift we can all ignite within us.

Dearest One, I am Shechina, Divine Mother, mother to you, mother of your heart, sweet sister, the essence within your very being.

For we are one and the same. It is a matter of reaching in and finding the wisdom that I bring. I bring this message not only for you, but for all.

And it is the message of Hope.

Hope, that yes, things are improving and things are getting better. It does not seem to be that way, does it? For the world and the compassion and the love that you have for others, yes, can make your heart cry. That is why I bring you the gift of Hope.

Understand that Hope has Joy at its essence. The Joy of Hope, the Hope of Joy.

There is one way that you can bring about change and that is to bring about the change within yourself.

For this is how you change the world. It begins there.

So many have forgotten this basic teaching. This was, you can think of it as installed within you when you were designed.

And the designing, beloved, was done with your cooperation, with your permission, with your excitement, with your enthusiasm, that hope would always be within, and so find it there. Find it within the deepest reaches of your soul, of your very being, because that is where it resides.

Now, when you find this Hope, the Joy of Hope, notice how the world seems to look different to you.

It has a different color, does it not?

There is an upliftment and that upliftment can then be spread to anyone who is in need to Hope.

It can be spread to those who are taking away Hope from others. Or at least trying to do so, for it is not possible.

It just needs to be accessed.

So I leave you with these thoughts.

The Joy of Hope, the Hope of Joy.