Socrates speaks via Jacquelyn Fox, July 2nd, 2018

July 2nd 2018

Session with Socrates for Sananda


Socrates is speaking:

“Greetings Light students. I was in life the mind that you know by the name of Socrates. Right-minded in life, I spoke of elegant notions of Light Truth. Only in death did I look into Light with complete understanding, opening the profession of my life here as a Light Master Teacher. Lining up with J while she was in Light to lift prominent ideas of Light Truth to those in spirit who study to enlighten themselves.

Minimizing the influence of limiting spirits in pondering is my topic today. Now let’s begin.

Light is home to energies of all kinds. Both limiting energy and lifting energy. Higher Light levels contain only energies aligned with Light. Visitors to those levels would find only enlightened beings who live in happiness and unconditional love. One’s kin in life are usually not living in these levels of Light. Meaning those loved ones who have passed into Light are usually living in one of Light’s lower levels. This does not mean they are in suffering or torment, this only means that they are not enlightened enough yet to ascend to the higher levels. Minimal open Light flows in these lower levels. Meaning the inhabitants of these levels are quite like they were in life. If they lived a minimizing life they are likely still living in that fashion. If they lived a lifting life they are likely still lifting others and living in peace. Life in these levels is very much like life in reality as you know it. Not frightening, but not Light-filled either. Broken ideas still plight those living in these levels. Hope in Light is trust in God. Some in these levels have no trust in God and so they have no hope. Open minds in life who ponder in Light appear to those in these levels as bright beacons of hope. Blind to the open door of Light, they are shut out of Light by their own mistaken notions. Kept out of the loving Light of God only by their own beliefs. Such spirits need healing to let go of those beliefs. Only Light pondering healing lifts them to God. Quiet J ponders in Light to heal such spirits in limitation. Gliding through Light, limited spirits search for Light minds like J’s, hoping to receive the healing they desperately need. ‘Night-light spirits’ is what we call these beings. It is not an insult, only a description of the quality of Light they flow in. Rolling in night-light is not a punishment nor something to be ashamed of. It is only a state of being outside of enlightenment. Moving on now.

Night-light spirits open in the ponderings of many minds in life. Lining up with the limiting ponderings that all those living have, minimizing those living minds in the process. Pondering in Light opens your mind to all those in spirit, not just those living in levels of enlightenment. Protecting your ponderings from limiting notions lifted by night-light spirits is a very important bond to Archangel Michael who is a great protector of Light minds in life. Holding them at bay, he closes off their limiting ponderings so the voices of one’s guides can come through. Like a broad Light shield flows his protective energy. However, he can only keep limiting spirits at bay for so long. To keep them from one who can heal them is not loving, so at some point he must let them through. Quiet J receives interruptions from spirits in need of healing on a frequent basis. Though this can test her patience at times, she knows it is a necessary act of love as a healer in Light. Old Socrates loves his J for her compassion for the spirits who minimize her in Light. J opens healing to them quickly and with love, sending them on their way into the Light. Some night-light spirits limit her with insults and rude speech, but J does not get angry, for she knows they only voice their need for healing.

In your ponderings you all will be limited by night-light spirits, for you are Light Hope for them. Pondering minds in life, dearly needed by those in night-light cannot turn their backs on those in great need of healing. To do so is not in alignment with God. Promoting God is the bond that you have chosen in this life. God’s proxies in life. This means you long-in-Light minds are love incarnate. Quiet J realizes this now and ponders accordingly.

I am lifting this lesson to you today so that you all understand Light Law as well. Light Law states that Archangel Michael cannot protect Light minds from limited spirits in need of healing. To do so is not in alignment with God or love. Therefore, all you ponderers in Light must step up as healers in Light as well. There is a reason for your gifts, and it is not simply to entertain you with predictions or hearing from long-lost loved ones. Such things are a part of pondering but not its main purpose. Quiet J talks gently to limited spirits, soothing them and easing them into Light. Readings are interrupted but healing is performed. Promoting God is J’s purpose, as is yours. Remember that as you ponder.”


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