Solara An-Ra – 8.8.8. Paschat (Video), August 13



‘We, the Lion guards of the universe – we the gatekeepers of the lion frequency – bring to you an enlightened frequency which holds no aspect of duality within it; an enlightened frequency which has been available to you for some time, through those incarnated on your planet in various civilisations and through those channelling the Lion People or PASCHAT frequency.

You are terminating the phase in your ascension process in which there has been more dark than light, more confusion than clarity, more ignorance than wisdom – and less awakened in ratio to those who are awake or awakening. In other words, dear ones, in this period between the 8-8-8 Lion-Gate and the September equinox, you are transmitting into a new and higher phase energetically – and this is marvellous news for all of you who have been struggling – in your physical bodies, in your emotional aspect and in the highs and lows which you have come to associated with Earth life and also your ascension process.’

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