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St. Germain via Sharon Stewart, April 27th, 2022

Questions Week 9 | St. Germain via Sharon Stewart

Submitted to Voyages of Light on April 27, 2022

Week 9

Question from Anonymous

Question 1
Dear St Germain,

In Sharon’s previous video entry a while back, it was mentioned that you are tasked with balancing the Divine Feminine. This seems like a great task. What sort of work do you do regarding this ?

St Germain: The feminine within any human has to do with what you term psychic skills. Psychic skills can be expanded upon by creating soul contact within the human. You create soul contact by aligning with your soul’s value, embracing Law of One (unity consciousness) and leaving egotism and duality consciousness behind, in other words, going through an ascension process.

At the moment, earth is a toxic version of the masculine and the feminine, very much so. The first task at hand is the eradication of this toxicity within the collective and then within the individual. Archangel Michael is seeing to the elimination of all demonics embodied and around the planet. With this removal, the human is more free to explore its feminine side and to detoxify its masculine side. You will begin to see this within the general population as there is more inclination to sympathy and compassion rather than the discompassion you see within so many individuals now.

Me: Yes. Suck it up buttercup. Or ridiculing others for being gentle or vulnerable. This is all the toxicity we’re still seeing in so many.

St Germain: And this will subside as we continue to work on it together. New role models will emerge once Hollywood falls, gentler more etheric role models. For now, they are embodied in the graphics and avatars you use, however they are not gentle beings. This will come yet. Look for changes in the attitude of the collective towards a healthier, more gentle disposition.

For now, many of what you term role models are role models for the darkness, they are soulless beings who can be manipulated to be very toxic, and the naive human models themselves after them. Once more people have soul contact they will stand up and say they do not wish to be like these earthly models. So this will stop. All these things are being looked at. New paradigm businesses are being created where the hard paced corporate life is being left behind. Change of apparel is the first step towards this lighter, more relaxed side.

Key in all of this is the cessation of the hardness, the toxicity of your current western system. Once the economic collapse occurs and debt forgiveness ensues, once the prosperity funds are distributed, the hardness and struggle of life on earth will be relieved, and with it the hardness and toughness of the human will give way to a softer more gentle side. This is due to happen within the next three years and you will see the benefit of this as personalities change and life becomes easier for all.

Thank you very much.

Question 2
What can we do to assist?

St Germain: Start your ascension process.

Question 3 from Stephanie
Does killing animals acquire the same karmic debt as does killing a human?

St Germain: No, it does not. Animals are of lesser consciousness than humans. In nature, there is a system of cooperation between the hunters and the hunted, where personal sacrifice of the victim is key to feeding the greater good, being animals in general. It is a system of sacrifice so that others can live. However, what does acquire karmic debt is destruction of the ecosystem so this should be considered before making any choice to kill an animal.

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