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Starting WEBINAR MEET-UPS: Volunteer Local Hosts, January 11th, 2019

Dear Lightworkers and Lightwarriors,

Much is happening in the world that will shape this year into an extraordinary year of developments. We are finally beginning to see manifestation of the Golden Age in the outer world. In the short term we will see a deepening of the chaos, in North America and Europe and elsewhere, which is the necessary cleansing.

In anticipation of and preparation for such developments we are now starting our webinar meet-up series. The way we will organize this is to have a combination of physical locations with participants in one and the same physical room. We will have one host for each such local gathering who will connect up with the larger group via ZOOM webinar software. It is not necessary to have ZOOM installed or any other program – just a high speed internet connection.

We plan to have the webinar last for about 4 hours. This will include meditations and live channelings, plus a presentation and discussion of where we are currently in God’s plan as we serve the light. There will be opportunities for questions and answers and during a limited time to also ask questions to the other side via our channel. More details of this will be posted once we have decided on dates for various webinars.

In order for the Sananda webpage to also serve as means for light workers to connect in a physical way we plan to select a certain number of physical locations per webinar. We will need to have a host for each location. The host will need to have the facilities available to receive a certain number of people and be a member at the Sananda webpage.  The meeting can be held in one’s home or another freely available venue nearby to the host. The number of people that will attend physically will partially depend on the host and her/his network and also how many readers we have in the area or are willing to travel to the location.

At the Sananda webpage will be responsible for the program, which will include leading one or more meditations, engaging an experienced live channel and presentations and discussions led by Per Staffan.

As mentioned earlier the webinars on line are reserved for members, which we hope will serve to give a good discussion among like-minded and dedicated light workers. However, at the physical locations we will also accept non-members who can and wish to travel to the location.

Since our readers are spread around the world we will have meet-ups at different times corresponding to what would be convenient for a certain region or time zones. Others who are not in those time zones can of course also call in, but then at less convenient times of their day. We think we can cover the world using three different default time zones. We have selected the following time schedules for meetings


Europe and Africa: Sundays at 18.00 Standard European time

North America and the Americas: Sundays at 3 pm, US Eastern Time.

Asia and Oceania: Sunday 7 pm in Sydney, Australia



We would now like to invite those lightworkers that potentially are interested in hosting a physical meeting in certain locations to contact us. We will of course also answer questions that you might have. Hosts do not have to be located in native English speaking countries, but the host needs to have a good command of English and be able to translate questions from the assembled group and give the answer back in the local language.

Please respond to Per Staffan at

We might also start out webinar series without a physical meeting host and add this feature as we go along during the year, depending on the response to this email.

Love and Light,

Per Staffan