Love is our new reality

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The Andromedans via Galaxygirl, October 30th, 2017

Message from the Andromedans for October 30, 2017

Greetings, we are the Andromedans and we are eager to speak with you today, oh people of Earth, for much is transpiring in many levels, in many areas of oversight and previous domination. For all is transmuting and transforming into the light of the 5D consciousness.

We urge and encourage you to wholeheartedly embrace these changes. Run headlong into them. Claim this new reality as your own timeline. For much excitement and goodness awaits you there. Your families from eons ago to whom you once said “goodbye for awhile” are all eagerly awaiting your return to full consciousness.

But enough of these things; you who are aware and awake, who are channeling and listening to messages such as these, know these things to be true in your heart of hearts. You are entering the era of the heart consciousness. Many of you have had such traumatic experiences that you have closed off your hearts at least part way to avoid further pain. You who have been burned alive for your beliefs are naturally hesitant to share your insights and revelations but we tell you that was appropriate for the old energies to be cautious for your own safety’s sake.

But in the era of love, of light consciousness it is an unnecessary precaution and actually a hindrance to your own personal advancement. We encourage you to get to know your heart. Get to know and accept the pain and the joy that has formed you up until this Now moment, for those moments were formative. They pushed you onwards on your inner journey.

Do not be afraid to love, to share, to be who you truly are! You are light! You are love. You are the breath of God. Yes, it is true. Radiate this and others will notice your light and those who are ready will inquire further. Be soft and gentle. Don’t vomit truths to them that they are not asking about or ready to hear. Be gentle and be kind. Remember all of the years that you have had to prepare for this Now moment. Not all are so fortunate as you.

Be the light and the love of this new enfolding paradigm. The old is gone – crumbling and defeated. They are not to bother you further. Their time is over. It is literally your time to shine and to be the Christ-light that you were made to be. You were born for this Now moment. Embrace it. It is your destiny.

We are the Andromedans. We bid you adieu. Until we meet again.

— Submitted by galaxygirl