Love is our new reality

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The Angels via Ann Albers, July 14th, 2018

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Many of you were watching recently, as the world waited with baited breath and prayed for a group of boys trapped with their coach deep in the caverns of the earth. With those boys, you too went deep within. You faced your own feelings of helplessness even as they did, and yet many of you found as well, the feelings of power that come from connecting with the source and focusing on the outcome.

The boys were rescued, dear ones, because they turned to the source in quiet peace and faith, and because the entire world focused on their rescue. Can you imagine, if the entire world focused on peace?

There is great symbolism in the events that draw your attention in life. There is a piece of the cavern within each of you – deep tunnels inside of your psyche that you rarely explore. When you are brave enough to go within and ask yourself, “How do I really feel?” you too might be flooded with emotion. You too might feel “trapped.” You, like the boys, might realize that they only way out of your current situation in life is to wait, sit peacefully, and surrender the power that loves you.

Within you too, exist the divers. These are the brave parts of self that say, “I am not afraid of the waters of emotion.” I can navigate them. I can find those lost parts of myself and love them enough to guide them to the shores of love and back into the light. I can sit with my pain, my fear, my anger, my doubt, and send it love, because I know these parts of me are simply unaware that they can come with me into the light.

Take a breath now and with us say, “To all the trapped, lost, and lonely parts of myself; to all parts lost in fear, anger, or doubt, come with me. I know the way into greater light. I love you.” Then sit, breathe, receive, as we work with you for just a few minutes to “dive deeply” into your energy and lead those parts into the safety of Divine Love. Resume reading when you are ready.

Ah, there within you lay also the cheering crowds, the praying world. These are the parts of your soul in connection with the Divine that knows you will succeed in releasing yourself from all that has held you bound, trapped, afraid of your own feelings. These are the parts that know you are already free.

We are cheering for you always dear friend. We are constantly seeing you free. We know that each and every one of you, without exception, will someday emerge into the light.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels