Love is our new reality

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The Angels via Ann Albers, November 10th, 2018

This week, we have the Presence speaking again. When it comes through I feel a sensation of floating, expanding, and today, deep peace… Enjoy.

I cherish each and every one of you. I know you as intimately as you know your own face in the mirror or the back of your own hand. I am aware of your needs, your dreams, and your desires, as clearly as you know the needs of your own body. For you are the cells in my body and I care about each and every one of you.

The reality I experience is unlike anything most of you will ever feel while living in a human body. I feel the infinitude of my being and simultaneously, I feel myself living within each and every one of you, surrenders through my love to the decisions and choices you make.

When you hurt, I feel your pain, but my love for you is so overwhelming I can surrender to it completely. When you experience joy we melt together in ecstasy as I experience new realms of self. When you love, I love myself in the object of your attention, and simultaneously – within that being or thing – I feel loved by you. It is a vast and incomprehensible reality to all but the most aware upon your planet, for there are a few who have identified with my love so completely that they experience our shared essence as one in all of creation.

You need not be this enlightened live a beautiful and blissful life. It is not necessary for your entrance back into the heavens, or more accurately, your moment of remembering of the heavenly dimensions, for in truth you never really left these higher states of being. You just immersed yourself into a realty on earth, as much as if you stuck your finger into a pool of water knowing you are so much more than the finger in the water.

I speak of these things because so many of you are curious about our true nature. So many of you wonder what you “have” to do to live lives that are more enlightened and my only answer would be to allow the Love that lives within you to be felt, experienced, and expressed. Love your true Self, our true Self, in all creation…including yourself.

I live within you. My life is your life. My light is your light. I live within all others too. As your hand lives within each finger of a glove, so too I live within each being and thing in all created universes. Why would one finger hate another when it belongs to the same hand? Why would one of you hate another when you originate from the same Source?

If one finger forgets its greater purpose to empower the hand, the other fingers would benefit far more greatly from reminding it of its connection, or ignoring it, rather than condemning it. So too you who are more awake would benefit from gently reminding the wounded of their connection to My light… or compassionately walking away. Don’t give in to hatred, dear embodiments of my love. Don’t condemn one another. You really want to love.

In truth you do love, because I live within you and I love all.

Even those who most forget and push me deep within, buried beneath layers of darkness, still have the Presence of my being within them. I do not feel suffocated within these souls. I am simply not expressed. I continue to love them, knowing at some point in their eternal development they will allow my love to awaken within them. Perhaps your kindness will allow for this to occur? Perhaps your prayers. Perhaps the moment you compassionately walk away from another’s misunderstanding and darkness, will be the moment they begin to feel something more stirring within.

Relate to their light, not their darkness, and in so doing you will draw me forth within them and within you as well. Allow yourself to imagine the Presence of my love within you, feeling your every feeling, knowing your every thought, loving you no matter what. Then when you can feel this love imagine my Presence within all others. My light within you loves you without condition, the light within all.

I love you. I AM.