Love is our new reality

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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, November 10th, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Recently our writer received an email from a Lightworker asking us to answer this series of questions:

I’ve had a feeling for quite some time that though my Inner Being is aware of what’s going on, and is constantly with me, a call for help made in desperation or deep grief does not get answered.

I’ve pondered this for months, and wonder if the Universe/God/Inner Being is even capable of recognizing negativity, as higher beings are so completely positive.

There’s so much dependence by people who feel to be victims, especially in religious circles, on being saved by prayerful appeals.

Since negativity doesn’t exist in reality, Do prayers for help made in desperation get noticed at all?

Or do they not get noticed, because humans are Divine beings with creative power, and we’re totally responsible for how we feel?

Then where does Compassion come in? Is the Universe compassionate, or not?

I’ve not felt desperate for some time, but I remember that when I did feel that way, some small feeling inside tried to tell me all was OK, and tried to push me in a positive direction of thought, even as a child.

This is a question that strikes directly at the heart of humankind’s connection to the Divine—the Divine within you, and that which you feel is present yet somewhat beyond you.

That is understandable, as you have lived one lifetime after another within the highly restrictive frequencies of the third dimension.

You have heard of the “veil” that was placed over the heart and inner senses, which so many refer to as a hallmark of third dimensional life.

And you have no doubt also heard that that veil—that energetic point of separation—is lifting now.

So that as you Ascend into increasingly fifth dimensional frequencies and begin to experience that as your new form of reality, you no longer feel so cut off from the empowering frequencies—the reality—of the higher realms.

This dear one is correct, in saying that human beings are co-Creative—powerfully endowed with the ability to direct outer events as well as inner experiences.

Photo by Jennifer Scalia

This is so, despite what you have been told for eons by your religions, your government and educational structures, your medical and scientific communities, and so on.

Most assuredly, when you call out for help, all of us hear it on one level or another. It is not so that we hear, but do not register any feelings of compassion, and therefore choose not to answer.

What is unique in this or any free will Universe, is that those of us not currently in an Earth life are very much a part of your ongoing day-to-day realities, yet we do not step in immediately to right that which you yourselves have determined to live with for some part of your journey.

Nor do we revise Universal Law — we do not revise someone else’s co-Creation, except in those times when we are brought in as active co-Creators.

We neither interfere with your current vibration or with the blueprint for this life that you created before incarnating.

These are your creations, and we have established respect for and agreement with you, that you would find your own way back to the Peace and empowerment of the higher realms.

This means that we agreed that you would not be “lifted” out of situations that you yourselves intentionally created to learn from.

This includes this Universe’s experiment in duality.

It includes those times when you find yourself without friend or family support, or low on money, or homeless, ill, or injured (or all of these).

Most will believe that these experiences have arrived on their own—not from any deep-seated belief, carryover from other lives, etheric influences, or other creative forces.

And yet, your consciousness has arrived at the point now where you see that, in this Universe, there are no accidents.

You are increasingly understanding that all is vibration, and that all that is called matter—outer circumstance—and even your reaction to it, is created by you and others who are connected to your vibration.

Are you constantly in control and in charge of all elements affecting your life at any one time? No, of course not.

You live in a sea of intelligent, unformed energy that awaits conscious command before forming into an outer reality.

You also live in a sea of intentions, commands, and requirements—some of these your own, some of these belonging to others.

You pull your head above that sea of intentions when you deliberately choose to lift your experience to a higher level, and declare, despite your current reactions and feelings about your situation, that you are now creating a much higher form of reality.

Raising your vibration is invaluable for this, yet we would say, even if you cannot nudge yourself into feeling better about something, whether through meditation, affirmations, creative expression, journaling, visualizing your higher good, or any other co-Creative means, you must still make friends with this desperate situation you find yourself in.

That is your moment of triumph over it.

You must release your expectation and belief that this situation is a point of struggle in your life, and actually thank your circumstances for bringing you to the cusp of new growth, new learning, new expansion into the All-That-Is.

Photo by Lynne Newman

In other words, you are asking, “Why have I created this? What am I meant to learn from it? What do I need to know to change this, and become more powerful in the process?”

This is the question, rather than simply crying out for help, then stating, “I’m alone and miserable, and no matter how much I beg the higher-ups to shift this for me, no one hears me or intervenes.”

That is the compassion that the Universe offers—that if you will release your need to rail against what you are going through, and ask what it is you need to know, you then open the door that has presented itself to you—and beyond that door lies the new and far more empowered self you might never have known otherwise.

When you release the emotional “struggle against”—when you give thanks for what you are experiencing at present, you find yourself dropping the feeling of victimhood.

You are grabbing the reins of transforming a situation, rather than feeling outdone by it.

Your dislike and refusal to see the gift inherent in any life experience is what holds you in a place of suffering—not the situation itself.

We realize that this is, as people say, “counter-intuitive”—poorly worded, as what people are really wanting to say, is that this idea is “illogical to the preferences of the left brain.”

The left-brain dominance that has seized and controlled Earth life for so long will demand that you despise all circumstances that seem to work against you, because they seem to challenge your well-being, perhaps even your survival.

Part of your vital and irreplaceable Ascension journey is to stop viewing life as being naturally in opposition to what you prefer—the Abundance, Joy, Peace, Love, and fulfillment that you dream of experiencing.

When you identify as a victim, calling out to the higher realms for rescue, you forget Who you naturally are—a co-Creative force in this Universe.

You hold all of us in the higher realms (though we also walk among you) as separate from you—“higher” than you—in ability and strength, when in fact, many of you occupy roles in the higher realms that many of us do not yet fulfill!

Remembering Who you are is one of the great challenges you took on in reincarnating once again onto a planet whose atmosphere has long been dogged by disrespect for all life and the Earth Herself, based on teachings of disempowerment and “smallness” that have captured and imprisoned humankind for far too long.

And so—did you deliberately set challenges for yourself in this life, so as to demonstrate to the billions suffering now, that they need not live as victims, but can, by sheer inner decision and intention, rise above the ill effects of their situation, even while they are still in it?

We would say, though that is a difficult role, yes—most of you have chosen such.

You are, in that way, beacons of Light on the Ascension path.

We laud your bravery in this, as we have the paths of all Ascended Masters that have ever walked this Earth, both before and after their Ascension.

And so, in those moments of desperation, we powerfully encourage you to step up and demand to know why it is you wrote this situation into your life—why you consciously or unconsciously created it, and in what ways are you meant to become more (not less) powerful from it.

Photo by Jennifer Scalia

You are correct, dear one, that your soul and higher self, Angels, and spirit guides were speaking to your inner ear, to assure you that you are never alone, never without choices.

We offer the same now, and would say, take time every day, whether or not you are in a time of uncomfortable expansion and challenge, to speak with any of us, including Mother/Father God and your Spirit team, and to require that they offer you the wisdom you most need now.

Require that your thought and feeling receive the infused higher Wisdom and encouragement you seek, and the solutions you desire, along with the realizations, new skills, and beliefs that bring you the learning and growth you came here for.

Most assuredly, we see both Light and shadow, pain and Joy, and are not insensitive to any of your emotions, experiences, or realizations.

We simply do not allow any one belief (other than that of the power of Love itself) to overcome our senses, as Earth beings experience often.

Most assuredly, We See You.

And we are here to offer not rescue, but encouragement and the steps not only out of what you suffer in, but the steps forward to grasp that higher learning.

This is your path — to transform not only your life, but that of an entire planet.

For this you came — to Earth, the great place of challenge and hard-won enlightenment! It will not always be so, that pain is a part of your path.

Release it now—you have no need of it. And we are with you, always.


Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan