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The Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl, February 12th, 2019

Message from the Ascended Dragon Collective (2/12/19) | Galaxygirl

Ascended Dragon Collective 2/12/19

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. Much change is afoot human. Many leaders in your realm have been removed, replaced with a more benevolent being. All is not as it seems. Do not be dismayed by the changes rapidly coming forth on your horizon of the Now.

We dragons see with the all-seeing golden eyes of Source light and we see much:

We see many of you expanding nicely into your preordained roles as leaders of Nova Gaia.
We see many of you as the quiet servants – providing the backbone of support for the new.
We see Christed light codes encircling, cascading, bursting forth from within and without.
We see Gaia bathed in this light and subsequently all upon her.
We see much turmoil in many governments of the world with a strong undercurrent of massive change rushing just beneath – like rushing water.
Under a frozen river such change can not be stopped.
We see the light thawing this icy old layer and rushing forth into a glowing spring of change, of heat, of light, for the hearts of humanity are thawing with this light and this pleases us greatly for it is high time for it.
We are all eager to expand into the New with you and to bear witness to these massive changes.
Do not be weary. Be energized by this light of change.

We see unique and new partnerships / alliances forging across this galaxy.
We see unity in the skies to usher in this new time stream.
We dragons happily partner with our awakened ones to bring forth these rushing changes with the aid of our fire of change, of transmutation.
We welcome our awake and aware ones to heartily join with us, for we are one in our common purpose for serving the goddess Gaia in her resplendent transformation.

Be at peace human. Be at peace with these changes within and without and be restful in this knowing that the time you have coveted, prayed for, longed for so here is, is now, is you. And so what are you going to do with these massive upgrades? We suggest you find more ways to serve the Mother of All Things and her children, to serve Gaia in all of her realms and to most importantly cultivate peace. For in so doing, you will anchor peace into the new crystalline grid and into the human collective to bless the others.

Be at peace human. Rest in the Mother and be at peace. Feel the winds of change at your back, pushing you gently forward and skip onward on your path with confidence, with lightness of heart, knowing you are well loved and provided for.

We dragons bless you now ascending ones with our dragon flame of power, of purification.
Feel it burn.
Allow it into you
And be at peace.
Utterly transformed by this experience ~
We are the Ascended Dragon Collective.

~ galaxygirl