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The Big Call with Bruces, January 24th, 2017

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 1-24-17

Thank you PinkRoses for sending your notes. ~ Dinar Chronicles



Bruce: Welcome everybody to the Big Call. Thank you for your faithfulness in tuning in to this conference call. Some listen to the replay link, and most listen live. Here is a big welcome to those Internationally, United States, Canada, Mexico, all the listening audience. We had more people in the financial world from international destinations contact us for the call last week in numbers than from the United States and Canada combined. We had 1025 in the financial world request those numbers last week. Maybe have similar situation tonight.

Bruce: We are at an interesting point in this adventure of this currency ride. For 12 years on this ride in my case and fewer for others. The Intel has been coming in bits and pieces but really good information. Where I thought we would have this by today, we have not yet. Let us go through and piece together what Sue and I do. Let’s take this Intel and discern the truth of what we are hearing. Some things I go well that resonates with me and other information I throw out. As you know, I work by memory and I don’t write this down. So some information gets left out occasionally.

Bruce: What has gone on since the election and inauguration of President Trump? First of all, we understood, something I can’t prove right now, one of his first execute order was reducing or eliminating taxes for us in our exchange. We have heard for long time this would not be a taxable event at the Federal level but could be at State level. We still are not sure how this is going to work. Let’s believe one of the very first executive order has put us in favorable light with little or no tax with a Federal point of view for our exchange. Let us see what happens with that.

Bruce: Another thing is the appointments of the cabinet. We heard quite a few appointees have gone through. Four or five have gone through. We are looking for the appointment for the Secretary of the Treasury to come in. Jack Lew has been our Secretary of the Treasury, but has had 3 other positions that he was in charge of. He was the Secretary of. My understanding is he resigned from those other 3 positions and still is the Secretary of Treasury until the new Secretary of Treasury is conferred and agreed upon and takes their place and is seated. When he is seated, my understanding is, we will sort of automatically will go to our gold back system. Once he is seated, our new Secretary of the Treasury is seated, that will put us all at one time onto the new gold back system that we will have here in this country. It is not that all of our currency is gold back, but partially gold back. So we use the term asset back. It is asset back. However, we are moving towards the gold standard. So that is a positive thing. Does he need to be seated in that new position for the RV to go through? We have heard a couple of different ways, but most recent version this afternoon is, NO he does not need to be seated for this RV to go through. So that is a positive piece of news I heard today.

Bruce: Additionally we know that the bonds that are moving to take care of, let’s call it Platform trades and other types of Platform trades part of Tier 2 and Tier 3 are ongoing. Those Heritage bonds have been released today. I don’t understand all of it, this is something we were looking for which is the Heritage funds to begin to flow. That is happening today.

Some of the funding is in place and sitting in Paymasters’ accounts to be released early this afternoon to pay the platforms going on. The ZIM Platforms are in process now. We understand that is happening today.

Bruce: Remember we said Iraq has had a new rate in back of their screens in our banks since January 2? Today I understand, they have a debit card, Qi card, for the Iraq people, and globally wherever this card is held, today the rate is $4.64. That is a new rate. What is interesting is it appears to be a rate that might be available today and used around the world today. I think there is a greater rate coming. The first part of that rate, the $4, should increase quite a bit with a change of rate by the CBI.

Bruce: Concerning Iraq, just when we think everything is done with Iraq, we found there were 4 more laws to be passed this morning. One of those laws was the National banking law. The law the rate would be held in. The rate of the dinar held in that law. Shortly after 3am EST this morning, those laws were passed. At 10am Iraq time this morning, this occurred and that all 4 laws were passed. I assumed at the risk of you know what, those need to show up in the Gazette to make it official. My understanding is the rate is in the law and the budget. Both the budget and the rate will be visible very shortly.
Bruce: We also understand that Prime Minister Abadi may be making a trip as early as tonight or tomorrow morning. He might bring that new rate with him. We are very close to that possibility. Don’t have specifics or details on it. Also I am hearing others internationally from 9 other countries may be coming as early as tonight or tomorrow morning to the United States. On the list are Great Britain’s Prime Minister, President of China, and President of Philippians. A big group including from Australia, New Zealand, and others. Also from a country from Africa, maybe Zimbabwe, don’t know that yet. Also ones coming from a number of BRIC countries and maybe a few others additionally.

Bruce: China wants this to go before their Chinese New Year begins which is Saturday, January 28, 2017. My understanding is it not only is to go, but certain aspects be complete. Say for instance if they start this right away, we could have virtually 90 to 95% of the ZIM out there in and exchanged by Saturday, but we need to get started. We need to have the toll free number. When we get that number, we will be able to set our appointments and go in the redemption centers and either take the screen rates with no NDA, or negotiate and take the high rates and sign an NDA. That will be up to you and your need for more funding for your humanitarian projects you have in mind to fund. That will be something yet to be seen. We have heard that rates are sort of that we have seen rates in the ZIM extremely high. Realistically the screen rate will not show anywhere near that high, but since the ZIM is a bond it has great value. Even with the screen rate if it is 1 to 1 with the USD we heard since November 1st if it is at that rate. That is a fantastic rate with the size of the denomination of that currency. Keep that in mind. There still is the ability to negotiate higher. Use your own judgment of high to go in what to ask for. You can always ask for however high you wish and see how they respond with that to you.

Bruce: We understand that the cabinet picks are going well. We heard today the Dodd-Frank law was repealed. I did not see that on the news. This is from another source. If that did occur, we understood that the banks stock reflected upward movement on the stock exchange in result of that. We did hear the Keystone pipeline was approved to move forward in that area. The other pipeline of the Dakota access pipeline has been approved to move forward.

Bruce: Some things that have been held up are in motion now. That is very good for this country in terms of jobs. I know with both pipelines the President wants to use US manufacture steel for those pipes. He mentioned that today. I did catch that today. That is going to give steel workers work here in the United States to furnish and manufacture steel piping for the pipelines.

Bruce: The gold standard we talked about. Exchange centers are still on standby. We need for them to go to an active status. When they do go to an active status, that is really go time for us. We know the redemption centers will be ready to go fully staffed and active as soon as we get this. We are hearing activation of rates going down to the Forex desk or Forex screens. I don’t know if that is inside banks or where it is. I have heard when new rates come in and populate on the screens, when we get the new rates, it is go time. Everything is done. I am hearing everything is done now, but realistically not all done until we get the toll free number to set our appointment to go to the redemption centers. That to me means done.

Bruce: Don’t quit your day job. Keep Plan A running until such time you are walking out of the redemption center with your account information having exchanged. You will walk out with multiples of $2500 bills. $10,000 is the limit to walk out with. If you are not use to working with cash, don’t even take it. You don’t need to if you are uncomfortable with cash. You will be able to leave with a temporary debit/credit card with a decent line of credit on it if you decide to take that. You will be able to send a wire or two. I am not doing more than one or two wires to my existing bank. If you do wire have your information legible so when they enter that information, they won’t mess up. I remember way back when I was buying currency, I had a bank wire all typed out very legible but the bank made an error putting up the wire. They had to redo it again. It is possible to have human error. Make sure you write your AB routing number clearly and the actual account number you want it to go in with the bank name and any further information they will need like the name of the account. This is if you want to hydrate your own account to pay off bills and debt with a bank wire at the time of your exchange. You could have a bank certified or cashier check. I wouldn’t get more than one or two of them. You can go later when you go back to work with your management team. You want to just get in and get out. You will have about an hour and ten minutes for your exchange. Then you are out of there. Then you will go back a week or two weeks later with your CPA, attorney, your management team. Wells Fargo and HSBC will provide a lot of services. Look into the services they will provide for you, and how you will follow up with that with your trust. Most of us will have a skeleton trust initially on the day of our exchange. Then you will want to bring in the exact style trust and foundation you want to use. Also LLC if you wish to utilize so forth discussing with your attorneys and CPA with your follow up visit. You will have plenty time to come back to make changes. You will have to come up with a name of your trust. I have 7 to 8 names. Then think of who you want to be your trustees and beneficiaries.

Bruce: One other thing I want to talk about is that we talked a long time ago with the difference of tithing. Something people understand to be 10 percent to the church, storehouse. Our purpose, remember we talked about the use of a God fund. I thought use 20% of the mother lode. Then we realized the value of the ZIM recent times that it is a bond and how much value it is. Then I realized in my case and maybe others, that the entire exchange of the ZIM could become the God fund. With other currency some of us have, that would be enough with just those currencies to take care of anything personal I want. When it comes to the God fund just something to consider as a way to honor God and handle your ministries and humanitarian projects. You have to look at your own situation if that is something you want to consider.

Bruce: In the way of true Intel right now as it stands, we are at a precipice of this going any day. China wants it done before Saturday. AIIB, Bank of China and other financial partners out there are ready to go. With everything I am hearing today with the Platforms, bonds being hydrated, Tier 3 finishing up and everything happening with liquidity, I got to believe we should have it this week. Maybe sooner than later. I really believe that. Stay in faith for this, positive for it. Let’s put your faith to work and see where we go this week. That is my Intel so far.

Bruce: Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. From an Intel point of view it looks like everything I have heard and more recently in a text, we should be there before Saturday or even Friday. We are in a great position for this week. I look forward to putting out the toll free number. I will let you know. I will put it on our website: and other blog sites. Stay in peace and love. Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven and I love you. I will be in touch. We will have a call Thursday night unless this happens before this. If so, we will have a prerecorded link. Beware of that.

Bruce: Thank you to all of our internally and domestic audiences, and our banking financial partners around the world. We appreciate everybody. Also everybody in the redemption centers who are waiting as we are. We appreciate all of you. Everyone have a beautiful night tonight. We will talk to you Thursday unless there is a prerecorded call before then. Good Night Everybody.