The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, October 16, 2020

A Message to Lightworkers – October 16, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today we answer another question from a Light Bearer, who asks:

I feel that our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters will show themselves to humanity in a big way. They are doing so already, but I cannot help but feel this is leading to something bigger.

Those of us who believe and know on so many levels would accept this. However, it would be an absolute shock for much of humanity, as they have been programmed to believe that nothing exists outside of Earth. 

How will the rest of humanity wake up? Will they be spiritually prepared for this beforehand?

We are very glad you have asked this question, as it is one that, believe or not, many wonder about quietly, even if they do not think of it in very conscious ways.

Millions of people all over the world are now growing in awareness of what has been called “the ET presence” (though we could also call all of you “ETs”).

Along with that growing awareness is the desire to integrate what people are taught is Earth’s “reality” with Her actual reality, as these two are not the same.

In actual “reality”—and that is a changeable term, according to one’s world view!—in the greater sense, your planet has only ever received beings from various realms for many thousands of years.

All of you “come from elsewhere,” and though some will find that idea laughable, and the whole construct of interplanetary travel a subject only for films and science fiction stories, you are collectively coming to understand that your reality is an intergalactic one.

More than that, you are collectively coming to prefer that idea to the ones you have been carefully fed over the centuries.

The dividing line you speak of—the separation between those who speak openly of “visitors,” hidden space projects, and those human-appearing ETs who “walk amongst us”—is that some are happy and at home with those ideas, while others are still trying them on for size.

For the most part, it is not so difficult as you might imagine for the majority of the human race to accept that you are not alone in this Universe.

What is harder for some, is to accept how their lives will change once full disclosure of that presence is established worldwide.

You are correct, if you are thinking that not all species of beings are benevolent and good-hearted (Earth’s beings have been feared by many for quite a while now, in fact).

Some people’s hesitancy to step into the intergalactic world is understandable, for that reason.

Others simply resist change, no matter what its form.

They worship the old ways of doing, thinking, and being because that feels safest and most familiar to them.

It is the ego-mind that prefers that nothing change.

And it is the collective obsession with preserving “life as we know it,” as if that were always the preferable, that gets in the way of acceptance of new ideas, new situations, and new relationships, even when these are desired on some level.

Yet just as the stream of water will wear down the greatest rock, the Light that has been enveloping your planet for several decades now has been opening up new levels of possibility in human thought.

These new fields of potentials have offered people areas of thought once hidden from them.

For millennia, the old matrix hid or almost completely suppressed certain realizations, ideas, and breakthrough moments.

That structure has been disintegrating for a while now.

Whole reaches of the thought-suppression matrix no longer exist, in fact.

So that the idea that Earth could join the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds, and that you could be amongst those who are your soul family from even the furthest reaches of this Universe, is now flowing far more easily through millions of minds that, in the past, would have been locked out of those ideas as even a slight possibility.

You who are conscious of your Light Bringer role have specifically come in to the Earth at this time to assist in the sort of intercultural / interplanetary integration and cooperation that is increasingly occurring now.

Your specific role is chosen by you—first, before you incarnate, as you are creating your chart for this life, and then again in a more Earth-conscious way, in the days following NESARA’s announcement and full disclosure.

If you are feeling that some people will reel with shock as they hear the truth finally, you are correct.

Yet consider that millions of Light Bearers are working with human consciousness in their sleep state each night, as well as anchoring at all times the Light data that will assist humanity as a whole in accepting the truth of the many beings who exist beyond what you are currently collectively aware of.

Shifts are always being made, so that the transition state of going from “we’re probably all alone in the universe” to “we have never been alone in the Universe!” runs smoothly, and even joyfully, for those willing to allow such.

One might say, there will be “levels” of Earth life to choose from after Disclosure.

Some will request a higher level of change than others, due to the preparation they have already been engaging in for years as they awaited NESARA’s enactment.

For some, only a few things will change at first.

For others, more things will change.

And for still others, it will all change—in ways that are glorious, Joyful, and fulfilling to them, albeit with some “getting used to a new life” adjustments.

All of you who choose to engage in these shifts in ways that are Joyful, will find that your Joy is utterly contagious to those who are not quite sure that life should change in such complete ways.

Some will gravitate toward an Earth reality in which Disclosure plays out in slower ways.

Those persons have chosen to evolve more slowly, according to the pace that is appropriate for their particular soul path.

In general, you will find fewer persons shocked to the point of fainting, and more who are curious, amazed, and excited, even if a bit of nervousness and many questions come with that.

Decide now how you will assist your loved ones, friends, neighbors, once this great shift unfolds—and it will not happen so quickly that it feels all Life has sudden gone out of control and is unthinkably strange.

Certainly, you have all already gotten a bit of training on how to survive outside of “business as usual” in the past year, though these are not happy nor preferred circumstances.

Yet what you have found is that you are still yourself.

Your courage and ingenuity, your ability to welcome changes in nonresistant ways and to adjust as needed, has already set the stage for further shifts.

Your vibration, not only your words and actions, continue to pave the way for New Earth living.

Are you aware of how powerful you are, friends?

Or how completely you are needed at this time?

We would say, few of you are fully aware of that, and yet—this beautiful evolvement you are not only observing but at the center of is constantly leading you into new levels of Being, Awareness, Celebration within the All-That-Is.

So as you step into the quantum field to co-Create once again, realize, “This time, my fellow Light Beings and I are creating a whole new world!

“We are rebirthing our beautiful Gaia. We have never been here before, and yet—we are ready, and we are assisting others in their readiness, however that will appear for them.”

Namaste, dear ones! Be Joyful, even in these times.

For you walk a path you merely dreamt of in centuries past, in the higher reaches of other dimensions, in your most beautiful visions.

Here you are—at the vanguard of Rebirth.

And we are with you, always.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan