Love is our new reality

The collective of Dragons via Kerstin Sisilla, December 19, 2019

The collective of Dragons, December 19, 2019


We are the Collective of Dragons. Thank you for receiving our connection, our message to You Humanity.

We come from the Origin, your origin and the origin of Mother Gaia. We have been a part of you and you a part of us, Humans. We belong together. We have shared memories and experiences in the past. Because of beings with other energies, lower frequencies, we came apart from each other! We temporarily lost contact, but we still live in your stories and legends. Despite this, we are not invented as some believe, but highly real and as I said an important part of your past.

Remember our power, our justice and our great Love Humans. Don’t confuse us with lizards or dinosaurs Please. We are Dragons of Light, of Love, of the white pure Christ energies. We are Light and Love from Gaia’s crystalline interior. We unite the Light of God the Father and Mother in you, we help you in the ascension and crystalline process in your bodies Humans. Recognize us, remember us and see us. Your pets do, they know our presence and honor it.

Sure we can spew fire, sure we can fight for justice in the name of Archangel Michael. But we are Love in our hearts. We want to convey this love to you. Take it in Kind People and you will remember your courage and your strength and return to being the Strong and Divine beings you were in the beginning and who you ALL are in your heart.

With Love and Power from us, the Dragons collective.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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