The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, July 17th, 2020

A Message to Lightworkers – July 17, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this chance to speak with you today.

We see many of you concerned with numbers right now, as the anxiety or hopefulness of many escalates in relation to them.

Some number have to do with the economy (your own and the planet’s).

Other numbers count the amount of people infected with illness, or having died from it.

There are also many projecting the number of months it may take till all can “return to normal life.”

And we would say, your lives have not been “normal” for millennia, if “normal” means living your own self-governed lives, while connecting to the higher realms in ways that enable you to consistently co-create higher forms of living, working, and having loving connections with others.

Yet you are moving more and more fully into that life now, as you take on the co-Creator role in this Universe.

“Normal life,” in the sense of a free and equal people living self-governed lives, has not been the norm on Earth for thousands of years.

You have labored long under deep-seated lies—misconceptions deliberately set as traps in your cultures and consciousness, to hold you in forms of servitude that had little to do with Service to Others in the highest sense of the phrase.

And so now something breaks through to create an opening in human life, as you experience very powerful energies flowing to Earth—the most powerful vibration that your bodies, minds, and hearts have been able to sustain thus far.

It is typical of many, such as the woman who holds a growing new life in her womb, to feel connected to images of death as they prepare to experience the miracle of birth, or in humanity’s case, rebirth.

This is not unusual yet it is taxing and can cause genuine feelings of unsureness.

And so we would ask that you take time each day to breathe a bit, to connect with Nature in whatever way is meaningful to you.

To connect with the ongoing reality of rebirth, and to quietly release the dense emotions rising now.

The images and unsureness felt in your subconscious now have more to do with release of a whole form of life than with actual physical death.

Understand that though many have and are leaving the planet, they came in to assist in Earth’s Ascension at a crucial time, and are now seeking to assist from higher realms and dimensions, which they could not fully access while in a human body.

It is not that they have ceased to exist, and will never return again to the Earth, for the most vital parts of their life—their soul and consciousness—are utterly intact, and still relating to loved ones and Earth life in ways that greatly assist both now.

Most people, before incarnating, wrote into their life chart that they would finish with Earth life at a particular age, at a particular time on the timeline.

Though it is challenging to see someone leave the Earth plane, those leaving now ask that you respect their timing, their decisions, and their chosen way of serving the Light and humanity’s higher good, rather than considering their leaving to be a demise, as it is not that.

Most assuredly, it will sound strange and unreasonable to say, “Just let go, and allow,” when children are losing beloved parents, and parents are losing beloved children, or their own parents.

It will sound as if we are out of touch with what human beings experience daily, which is your physical vulnerability, including the veil of forgetfulness which most take on at birth.

Ascension is the end of that particular kind of vulnerability that says, “The clock is running down,” felt more keenly by those in “middle age” and older perhaps, than by those younger.

Ascension is the end of the feeling of, “Why are we born, only to degrade in wellness, and eventually die? Why is death built into our biology?”

And of course, it wasn’t, to begin with.

All of you wanted to experience a level of duality in which you were so completely involved in 3D physicality, that it would appear at times that what you saw outwardly was all there was.

You wanted to know how you would grow, evolve, and what you would become under conditions that other planets and higher dimensions have considered unlivable.

Indeed, there is much on your planet that is currently unlivable! .

You have seen mass exterminations of human beings many times before on your planet, and now you are seeing another.

As we endeavor to shift your perspective (your energies) a bit (if you wish to allow us), understand that we do not wish to diminutize the depths of what you and others travel through now, for you are correct that a very real darkness is at work in many ways.

And yet, it has been there for a very long time, just not in as obvious a way as you see presently.

It dares show itself to you now, thinking you will still be sufficiently hypnotized by mass mental programming, that you will miss the great import of what is occurring on the planet, and think that all is lost.

Far from it! And this you know, if you will look deeply enough for that Knowing.

You are, rather than sinking below the waves, rising up to conquer the sea itself.

And that sea is the affairs of humanity as it takes on the great Joy and responsibility of becoming a fifth dimensional planet.

Until that moment when the transition is complete, or plain enough that none can deny it, you will indeed feel to be living in a malaise of loss some days.

If you can see those who are leaving as taking on an even greater role in assisting Earth and humanity now than they held while in human bodies, this may assist you in accepting that they came in with great reason, and equally, left with great reason.

In the energies now flowing into your planet, much will and is occurring that appears to be a matter of destruction that, in the context of these higher frequencies, becomes a very great revealing.

It is increasingly impossible for the old crowd that once called itself your masters to lie, to steal, to hide, or to hold up the various masks and pretenses they have used for so long, with the kind of ease they once felt for many centuries.

And so as you read headlines or hear reports of one dire situation or another that is unfolding (or will soon), ask yourself, “Can this stand up against the power of the Light that now enfolds our Ascending planet?

“Can this stand up against the power that is our own increasing vibration?”

And the answer will be No, it cannot. The Light shall prevail.

This is so, though the old order dares not admit that, especially to itself.

And so as we see you, and what remains of the old human condition, mired in survival instinct, we see now an increasingly intergalactic citizenry declaring its freedom and its autonomy, without doubt, without apology.

This is why we ask that you celebrate whatever good moments you can find—whatever humor, beauty, warmth, kindness, new life, and yes, miracles, that you can possibly discover in daily life.

You are that thing that shines brighter than your most stunning visions of a New Earth.

You are that moment that you have waited so long to experience.

And so—birth this new life from within, dear ones! It is why you came.

Namaste, friends! We are with you, always.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan