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The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, July 27th, 2018

Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers – July 27, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:
Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this opportunity to speak with you again.
On this day of a rare Full Moon / Blood Moon / total Lunar Eclipse, we greet you and note the new beings you are becoming in the midst of these powerful and empowering energies.
We will say, that at this time you may not feel very powerful.
Old emotions, challenges, shocks, and traumas may be surfacing, from this and other lives you have lived, to be released into the ethers, as you draw from them only that which your higher self requires for your soul growth and well-being.

It is not a time, necessarily, for feeling that “all foes are vanquished” or that your Ascension process has just moved ahead in ways that will render your current challenges small and insignificant.
Certainly, that can happen, but the energies of this particular astrological period and alignment are not quite that of victorious breakthrough.
They are presaging that which is a breakthrough—that which is actively occurring, though not yet in viewwhich can feel more exhausting than exhilarating at times. 
You will most assuredly see powerful shifts occurring in both your individual lives and in the greater community—these are already in process, as many of you have more felt than witnessed.
And you will most assuredly feel the effects of the energies of these shifts and outer occurrences, as they empower you to feel more and more of your own increasing claim to your sovereignty, to humanity’s claim to its sovereignty—its freedom and self-government, through Divine Government.
But at present, do not feel surprised or unsure if you are simply feeling enervated, perhaps a bit fuzzy-headed and unclear, and at times, overtaken by emotion you can’t explain or connect to outer events.
All is well. This is your path, as you have outlined it before your incarnation, and as it is unfolding in the Now moment in this Ascension process.
This cellular revision is occurring in these current energies because you are developing the Light body, taking on the christed or crystalline consciousness, and becoming what some are calling the homo lumens, leaving behind the restricted perspective and capabilities of the homo sapiensfor all time.
In that context, all makes perfect sense.
The brain is reshaping, learning functions that engage the higher mind, the third eye chakra, the crown chakra—creating pathways to telepathy between all persons, creating portals to the higher realms, and into the immediate future, as well as the ability to envision the energy of a person or situation, so as to understand it etherically.
The heart-mind is learning to adjust to higher forms of understanding, as it opens and expands to take in the sacred nature of all persons, all forms of natural life, and all cultures, whether local or intergalactic.
The physical body is lessening its density, so that much food you have eaten in the past will be far too heavy and dense now—many are switching to liquid (though still highly nutritious) daily diets, and finding that that is working better for them, as they leave behind all thoughts of consuming animal products and refined foods.
The social self is needing some time to hibernate and retreat from others at times, as it reshapes and revises its needs and preferences, in relation to all the other shifts and changes.
And the etheric body is expanding and moving into a new and higher form of expression, finding its fluidity and expansiveness after eons of being confined to a smaller, denser expression.
All of this is occurring because of what you are becoming—because of who you already are on the soul level, and because of what your higher self is consciously co-Creating, not for only your higher good, but for the higher good of all you could possibly know and Love (and that is everyone).
And so we would say, dear ones, as these strange shifts and uncertain feelings occur, just allow them—hold them in your hand, these bizarre and awkward moments when time seems to freeze or disappear down a great stream, or when a thought or emotion seems to have a life of its own.
Just observe them, without passing judgment.
Cease to judge yourself on any level, for the heart-mind will not be able to comprehend that now.
It comprehends only the higher Love that you came forth asthat power you were born into, and which is the only language your soul prefers to speak.
When things become strange and unwieldy, find some way to express them—write down what you are experiencing, or pour your energies into art or music, or physical action.
But do not allow them to convince you that this is who you are, even in that moment, for they are not.
You are that great Light-filled Being who, answering the call of distress from Earth, came in over Her timeline many hundreds of times, not only to refine your own soul essence into higher frequencies, but to assist this planet in Her plea to be free of that which has imprisoned Her for so long.
And so, though we do not call you rebels (you are not rebels, as you have simply reminded Earth She belongs to Herself, and no one else), we call you re-Creators of a freedom which your human aspect has many times despaired of ever knowing.
For far from being a place to escape from, into some heavenly respite, Earth is now reclaiming Her place as a higher dimensional planet.
She rejoices with all of us at how beautifully your mere presence has moved these steps into increasing freedom into place.
And so She thanks you, as we thank you, for coming forward at this time, and standing so powerfully and so bravely throughout the process of the hardest thing of all—the Ascension from the third to the fifth dimension, while still in a body.
And at the center of what has been called nearly impossible, or a “miracle,” is your own high heart, bringing in the pure sounds of higher vibrational toning that billions of Angels are now singing, as they surround the very planet you came to assist.
It is so, that you need no saviors.
As co-Creators with this Universe, your higher Love and your soul’s own presence is all you (and Earth) ever needed.
Namaste, dear ones! We are always at your side.
Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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