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The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, June 26th, 2022

The Collective: One is to be Prepared, Not to Panic about the Conditions of Present or Future

by Caroline Oceana Ryan


This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

This week, we speak to another issue that a Light Bearer asked about, one that is troubling many now:

COR: My friends, several people have written in asking about the issue of storing food and other supplies, in case there is a major food shortage, or another lockdown scenario, or civil unrest at some point, later this year or next year.

I feel that these are too often fear-based messages that people pick up in the media, yet I would never say to someone, “Don’t be prepared for an emergency situation,” because you never know what location will be troubled by extreme weather or some other situation that has people buying items like mad. Or a breakdown in the supply chain, which we’re already seeing for some items.

Strange times we are in! So much Light coming in, yet the upheaval can be a bit much at times.

What is your answer on this issue?

THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, friends! We are very happy to have this chance to speak with you today.

As we noted last week, this is indeed a great moment of renewal and rebirth, spurring on a level of upheaval on your planet. An unprecedented moment, in all ways!

This is cause for celebration, and yet on another level, also this is also a time to tap into an inner strength and resilience, such as most prefer to practice only rarely.

Yet it is now, for many around the world, an everyday form of living.

When one hears that there may be food shortages coming (though one does not need to experience such), or other issues, there is a feeling that one ought to “get ready” for an upcoming time of hardship,

The storing up of food and other provisions is a very old survival practice which humanity has used for thousands of years, often out of necessity. Storing grain, water, and other long-lasting foods was often a very wise measure, insisted upon by the leaders of a clan, community, or nation, as they knew that even if the weather, crops, or hunting or fishing was in positive form for the moment, this would not always be the case.

Always your Earth has sought to renew Herself, to turn with the tides of the stars and planets, as your oceans turn with the pull of the moon and change with the seasons.

All is in constant cyclic motion upon the Earth, as it has always been. And so, yes—there is in many still, the pre-ancient desire to store up goods for thinner times. This is quite understandable.

With the emergency situations of the past few years, many have felt the ephemerality and fragility of life far more than usual. They may have lost loved ones to illness, or lost the expected presence of ongoing income, work, home, schooling, or other everyday structures in their life. They are not aware of, or not believing in, the efficacy of calling upon higher dimensional and extra-dimensional resources for help and support.

Yet you on Earth are surrounded now by billions of ships from throughout this and other galaxies, as the tide now also turns regarding the end of Earth’s ruling factions.

These persons and their false government structures are being removed now, at a pace at which stability in Earth systems can be maintained. In some cases, some persons are choosing to step down from their positions of false power, to either return to the Light or to attempt to escape that Divine Justice that in truth, they cannot escape.

Though much upheaval and disturbance has been occurring, these are reactions on the part of the outgoing power structure, and not indication of a permanent downhill trajectory for human life.

We would say that there are two perspectives on this issue, and that only one of them is based on a Peaceful and Divinely led vibration.

What many are experiencing now is not a wise gathering of stores of food, water, and other essentials, but a panic or fear-based reaction to misinformation offered with via fear vibration.  In these cases, what people are doing when they gather stores for future use, is unconsciously paving the energetics of their life for long-term shortages and uncertainty to enter their experience on a deep level.

We do not blame these persons for reacting to fear-based messages.

The temptation is great to believe misleading news reports and pseudo-authoritative forms such as blogs, videos, social media messages, and interviews and commentary from self-appointed experts on the future. Yet these messages too often hold the intention to entrain people’s energies into feelings of panic and lack, therefore assisting the departing power structure’s aims of holding the masses in thrall to their messages, and not to a higher reality.

Yet that higher reality awaits all who make the conscious choice to experience such. In that reality, there are no shortages of any length that disturb, frighten, or harm those who might experience them.

For those who consciously choose to live in expectation of Abundance at all times,, there are no shortages that have any real impact on their lives; these are taken to be an inconvenience, if they occur at all.

These ones have decided that if they do put by canned or frozen foods and other basic supplies, it is not done out of fear or expectation of lack.

It is carried out in a spirit of a celebration of Abundance, of the thought-feeling that “I always have more than is needed at the moment. There is always a beautiful flow of Abundance in my life!”

This is similar to viewing savings accounts as a affirmation of the flow of Abundance. Not as a rescue operation in times of emergency, but as an affirmation that you always have an overflow of Abundance in your life.

The one who views their savings as being “for emergencies” is unconsciously expecting and in a way, planning an emergency in that moment, as part of them will understandably always desire to use that money for one reason or another.

Now clearly, if one quite calmly ensures that they have a first-aid kit, flashlights with active batteries, and some nonperishable food, blankets, and water stored—this does not invite emergency, as it is done dispassionately, and not out of fear. This sort of action draws on the common belief that, like the kings and clan leaders of old, this is a simply a wise measure to take, in case these things are ever needed.

One puts them by to be prepared, not to panic about the conditions of present or future.

Extra food stores can be viewed in the same way, yet we would consider them more to be affirmations of Abundance than anything else—not a fear-based plan for facing a presumed future of panic and lack. In the same way, a wise person eats as healthfully as they can, exercises often, and takes vitamins and supplements as needed, to support their health. The higher choice being not to do these things out of fear of illness, but from a love of good health and all its benefits.

We would say, that in this time of ongoing misinformation meant to confuse, misinform, frighten, and control the minds of humanity, that it is vital that you protect yourselves from the density of dark intentions and their many outlets.

Steep yourselves in positive messages, in life-affirming supports, and in frequent breaks from the onslaught of screen images and projections about “what is coming,” whether internet or television, or any other outlet. We understand that the lure of these messages is powerful.

Those who create the “alternative news” sources are aware of what words and phrases to use, what level of urgency to include, and what tone to take vibrationally to entrain their audience in low frequencies that trigger very old subconscious fears, often ones that relate to disaster scenarios experienced in this and other lives.

We encourage you to become highly conscious of what is happening on these television and radio shows, films, videos, posts, and articles.

Do what you can to realize that these are not your true authorities, in the greater sense, and that the only true authority in your life, if you need one, is your own higher self, and Divine Love itself.

No presence of a higher vibration wishes for you to live in fear, to expect calamity, or to feel nervous about potential futures.

And so we would say, most assuredly, have added items on hand if you wish—yet do so to confirm that you are constantly watched over, blessed, guided, and assisted at all times.

You are never alone, dear ones! That could never be. More assistance appears now, and of a greater magnitude, than you can even yet grasp, though soon enough, you will see it with your own eyes.

Namaste, friends! We are with you, always.