Love is our new reality

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The Collective Of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, November 17th, 2020

A Message to Lightworkers – November 17, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

And we wish to say, that there is great movement afoot now to bring each nation, each person, each community to a place of sovereignty in all ways and on all levels of life.

You may feel that the passage of NESARA law will solve only certain problems while producing others—too great a shift for some to adjust to.

Yet what you many call “problems” are generally the result of the particular way in which the ego-mind receives an event or situation.

It is a form of resisting a situation, rather than sitting with the discomfort or newness of it, patiently, until a resolution or adjustment can be found that is for the higher good of all.

The unfolding of this shift, which has been a long time (in your Earth time) in the making, is not something that will bring you into a similar situation to that which has already existed on the Earth.

You have before now built and sustained highly advanced societies and civilizations, yes, and some of these are still operating, such as those in Inner Earth.

Yet we speak of the liberation of surface Earth life, which has not yet been achieved (on this timeline) in terms of raising life from a dark and difficult third dimension to that of a higher, less dense form of reality.

NESARA’s enactment, though powerful and inevitable now, cannot do the real work of Ascending humanity or the Earth Herself. It is a sign of Ascension, not the completion of it.

Each day, each of you sees to the requirements of your particular paths, answering to different aspects of your Earth mission, while your soul family and Spirit team actively support you.

Though it may feel that they are quite distant, in fact you are powerfully connected to them in such a way that in essence, they never leave your side.

You are each of you facing inner forms of growth—the requirement for healing those fractured parts of your spirit and psyche, as well as new insight into those aspects of your spirit that do not require more spiritual “training” and left-brain learning, so much as more quiet, more calm, more acceptance of that which modern life drives you to ignore or neglect.

And that is the presence of your inner spirit, which does not fade, does not forget you, does not turn away, though you may unconsciously turn away from it many times throughout the day.

It is the authentic self, without the ornamentation the ego is so engaged in, that calls to you now.

The authentic self will take the news of NESARA and these days that lead to it with calm, with the kind of Joy that is open and in-the-moment, without feeling the need for all explanations and adjustment to all new situations occurring all at once.

The true inner self, if you will allow that to come forward now, is able to show you the depth of your own spirit in ways not known to you in nearly all your Earth lives since the fall of the great civilizations into the third dimension. 

If you are to live within what is called fifth density, you will need to know yourself—minus the constant chatter and distractions of what passes for an average day for most.

Can you sit with your own company, without checking the phone, or the email, or other devices, for several hours or even one hour each day?

Can you sit quietly with a friend and allow them to speak of their troubles or their happiness (or some trivial matter) and not think up a reply as they are speaking, but simply allow their energies to dance out in front of you, neither judging nor trying to shift where they are?

Can you be out in Nature and note the intricate patterns in a leaf, the twist of the blades of tall grass, the birds calling to one another, and be unafraid of the stillness you locate within yourself in those moments?

This too is your Ascension! This too is that New Earth you came to establish—firstly, from within.

For the consciousness you seek is not only that which is a matter of the “winning” of the Light Forces upon the Earth, and the removal of the oppressive systems under which you and others have labored for millennia.

It is not so much a political victory as a moment of heart-based realization—a coming home—and forms of growth that no oppressive structure can weaken or remove, even in their last desperate gasp.

This is who you have become over many centuries of Earth life in which you took part in the Great Experiment that was to be the fall of humanity from those forms of Grace, which held you in full awareness of your Divinity, into a loss of that awareness.

You are now awakening to that which you have always been—that brilliance your soul has thirsted for you to know and live within as easily as you breathe, and as necessary.

Can you now turn from the training you have mistakenly thought to be the self, to discover in the quiet, in the calm you intentionally create at crucial moments throughout the day, that which you were told must come from without?

That which you were taught can only come from certain beliefs, certain ideas, certain rituals?

Can you accept that the Universe and all its mysteries exist within you, whether you “ask the right questions” or not?

Can you accept the shifts NESARA will bring in terms of the necessity of facing yourself in ways you may have felt unnecessary, or too self-centered, or too intimidating?

Can you live within as fully as you live without?

We would, as the old saying goes, “bet the farm on it,” for we know that each of you in your high heart would ask for nothing less than the great adventure of that inner journey, and have come forward to be on the Earth at this crucial moment, in order to take on that very thing.

And so, we as always bow to your bravery, dear ones.

Yes, the au regime have made it difficult for you to know Truth from fiction, and yet—here you are, master poets who have taken their metaphors and written your own masterpieces, nevertheless.

Namaste, friends! You stand at the threshold.

Accept all the beauty you have created with your visions and commands.

And yes, we (and the Source) are with you, always.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan