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The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, November 6th, 2020

A Message to Lightworkers – November 6, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

We wish to speak in particular to those involved in or watching (rather anxiously) the elections in the United States, which are still unfolding.

Many of you have noted that this year’s elections feel increasingly to be a sign of the last gasp of the old power structure, as their former ways of doing things are increasingly exposed and made transparent for all to see.

It is to a great extent your own consciousness which has birthed this new atmosphere upon the Earth.

It is very greatly due to your own requirements for Truth, for transparency, for openness and honesty, in matters of leadership and government, and how those leaders are chosen, that has spurred on this shift.

Were your own consciousness as a human race not developing now at Lightspeed, the old regime would still be pulling its old tricks and getting away with a great deal, unseen.

Note that in this particular race, both sides accuse the other of various illegalities and of low intent.

Voters on both sides accuse the other camp of not seeing the real dangers afoot, not knowing a candidate’s foibles and true motives, and not seeing the real issues with awakened awareness.

Merely the fact that people are desiring certain candidates who seem to them to be a “rule-breaker” and a paradigm-buster is actually not something to bemoan, even if you yourself do not care for that particular politician.

Likewise, the fact that others desire a candidate who represents the average person more than the interests of the corporations (though both sides will claim that is true of their favorite), is also nothing to bemoan.

It is so that the old power structure is falling now, and that even as they continue to put forward politicians in every country who represent their interests and follow their orders so as to squash, not support, the will of the people—even then, much has changed since you last went through this highly faulted process.

Millions are now unconsciously feeling the weight and power of the unfolding of NESARA law.

So much so, that there is no way that the current elections or government actions in any country could fulfill the open space that the coming of that great change has opened within humanity.

It is not so much a matter of, “When will it happen?” now, but “How will we be when it happens?” which is a beautiful, rather astounding development.

People are increasingly preparing for paradigm-breaking change, not because of the actions of one politician or another, but because of the importance human beings are placing on the particular shifts already occurring on Earth Herself and within human consciousness.

You are correct, if you are thinking that there are very few politicians or candidates in the world currently who could flow seamlessly into NESARA’s enactment without themselves ending up facing an intergalactic Court of Justice.

A large number of them will, and some are already awaiting trial during this time of the gathering of individuals who have broken the laws of this Universe in their treatment of the Earth, humanity, and other races.

We assure you, they will face their judges and answer for their deeds.

Many are already held in custody for such, off-world.

Yet still you are watching the news, attending as anyone might to the present moment and its demands, and wondering what will occur in the immediate future.

That is understandable, as you are living in the present, when so much that is shifting has not yet fully come to Light.

We wish only to assure you that none of this—not this or that political appointment, not this vote count or that “winner”—is truly the issue here, so much as that a record number of people in a troubled country came forward to make their voices heard, and to involve themselves in how their country is led.

The anarchy that appears to be taking over the country is only partly dark in intent.

There is much Light in it, though of course we do not speak of that which is a matter of violence or disrespect toward others.

There is Light in that which has decided in the heart-mind that the old system does not work for everyone, and therefore, does not work.

Have people always made the right decisions, expecting that this “leader” or that would be their savior, and that that person will undo the damage done (or allegedly done) by those who came before them?

Most assuredly, many have accidentally voted for chaos rather than the freedom they think they are reaching for.

Yet we assure you that deep in their hearts, most do not want chaos.

They want normalcy, balance, decency, and Peace in their world, and have only to awaken as to the higher ways in which to create that.

And so we ask that you not feel downtrodden, angry, or demoralized if your chosen favorite does not “win.”

For that which you are actually (energetically) voting for was quite clearly not on the ballot.

Yet still, your desires for freedom and sovereign choice have quietly birthed a new reality, amid the melee of all else occurring now.

So much is shifting powerfully, with the Spirit of Divine Justice, and the Goddesses of Justice and Sovereignty rejoining Earth energies now, that we cannot convey in words the depths of the power of this shift.

Be aware that something far greater than what you immediately see around you is unfolding now, and will continue to do so, until that moment when you truly know you are free.

And in that moment, you will understand much that exists in a haze at the moment.

Reach out to us, to your guides and Angels and higher self, and know that every step in the journey is sacred, and not only that which appears to bring you to the threshold of new beginnings.

That moment is here, when you see Who you have become in the journey—the rest of the story will tell itself, in perfect ways.

Namaste, friends!

You have birthed a New Beginning, and you are never alone.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan